Video Review: Alannah Myles “Love Is (US Version)”

Alannah Myles dances in red heels on a white floor. She claps her hands and dances against a lavender tinted background.

She rides her horse in The Joshua Tree National Park in Twentynine Palms, California. An ostrich runs in desert. A kangaroo hops along.

As she dances, the background rotates to a yellow and orange tint. Turning her back, the background changes to a blue. The colors switch as her band plays.

In black-and-white, a bartender makes a drink. A young woman, sitting on a bar stool, tugs at her short dress. She smiles at the young man across from her. He kisses her. A fiftysomething man nods his head while he staring at the counter. The young man touches her thigh. Standing up, she glances at the door. At a table, a couple talks. He holds his girlfriend’s hand. She runs her fingers through his hair.

She follows the ostrich and kangaroo in the desert.

Back in black-and-white, a young woman talks with a couple of men. A man takes a young woman’s fingers from the glass and holds her hand.

She continues to ride her horse in the desert.

Rating: 2/5

Alannah Myles sits on the stool and taps her fingers on the counter. With her hand underneath her chin, she looks at the guys in the bar. Standing by the wall is a twentysomething man in a suit and tie. Next to him, a twentysomething woman, in khakis and a polo shirt taps his shoulder. At a table, a thirtysomething man and woman gaze into one another’s eyes. Turning in the stool, she spots a group of thirtysomething men playing darts.

The bartender gives her drink. A young man, who seems to be in his late 20s, leans his elbow on the counter and asks her name. She introduces herself and shakes his hand. He asks her what she likes to do for fun. Sipping her drink, she says she likes her ride her horse in the local parks. She loves to go to camping and hiking. He asks her about her favorite park. She says The Joshua Tree. He says when he got divorced, he camped there for a week. He adds he goes there at least once a week. She says they’ve been probably seen each other. They exchange numbers. She says it was nice meeting him.

At another bar, she dances with another man. She thinks he said his name but she doesn’t remember it. At a table, she takes off her heels and rubs her feet. A server asks her if she would like a drink. She orders another one. She sits at the table and talks with several men, who buy her a couple of drinks. She calls the server over, who tells her she’s been cut off. The server eyes the man pulling at Myles’ arm and says she’ll get her a cab. Myles says she’s okay to drive. The server says the cab will be here in a few minutes. Myles groans as she rests her head on the table.

Director: Deborah Samuel Year: 1990

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