Video Review: Florida Georgia Line & Jason Derulo “Women”

In black-and-white, Tyler and Brian walk into a recording studio in Los Angeles, California. Tyler sings as he plays the piano. They say hello to Jason Derulo. Tyler asks how he’s doing. Derulo says he’s ready to record the song. Brian strums the guitar. Tyler says the song “is something that’s soulful, something that’s real, though.” Brian comments that they should “take it to church a little bit.”

Derulo, sitting on the couch, says that “it’s beautiful. This song could be all encompassin’, a celebration.” Brian says he was thinking about his wife and grandma. He says “I feel like we’re going to church” as Tyler puts on his headphones. Derulo mouths the words as he waits his turn. Brian and Tyler sit on the couch. Tyler tells Derulo “let’s go.” He says “it’s incredible” to them.

Derulo records his part. He listens to his takes. Brian records last.

They all sing along to the song once everyone is finished. As they sit down together, Derulo mentions that “they could make a difference.” Tyler and Brian thank Derulo for his hard work.

Rating: 1/5

Jason Derulo waits in the studio for Tyler and Brian. He’s only met them in passing. However, his manager mentioned they really wanted to work with him. He reads over the lyrics again and practices some of the verses.

Brian and Tyler walk into the studio. Derulo asks them if they want anything. Brian gets some water and asks if he can take a call. Tyler says he’s okay and thanks him for being on the song. Derulo tells him he’s welcome and he’s glad to be a part of it. Brian says his wife’s flight landed. Derulo asks where his wife went. Brian says she went to Ireland. Derulo says he loves Ireland. Tyler says they should go over the song before they record it.

Derulo sings his verses. While Tyler plays, he has some ideas but keeps them to himself. He tells them it’s a good song and he likes change. Brian cuts him off and says it’s his turn. Derulo finishes within a half hour. The producer asks Tyler to re-do his part. Derulo sits in the studio and talks with Brian. He glances at the clock. It’s almost noon. He’d like to be home in time for lunch. Tomorrow, he’s got a long day of filming. Around 2 p.m., the producer says he has the material he needs. Brian and Tyler say they’ll see him around. Derulo tells him he’ll give them a call.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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