Video Review: Little Mix & Kamille “More Than Words”

Reseda green clouds move through a pitch black sky. A red tulip opens over it. Against the reseda green clouds, Jesy, Leigh-Anne, Perrie, Jade and Kamille stand next together. White clouds roll across a lavender sky as they sing. It rotates back to black with tiny, spring green balls in the sky.

Kamille holds Jade’s hand as the reseda green blend into one another, swirling behind them. As they sit together, smudges of cardinal red covers them. Leigh-Anne stands behind violet storm clouds. Lit in reseda green, Kamille rests her head on Jesy’s back.

In black-and-white, rain pours behind them. A lavender flower blooms on the screen as Jesy stands by herself. Lit in red, Jesy whips her wet hair. In reseda green, Leigh-Anne touches her chest. Perrie raises up her dripping arms and bends her back.

In the darkness, they huddle together.

Rating: 1/5

Kamille offers Jade to stay with her. She checks her texts from Leigh-Anne and Perrie. They didn’t mention anything was wrong. She opens her door to a tear-streaked Jade and gestures for her to come inside. Jade says she needed to get away from everyone. She asks if the group is fighting. Jade says they are okay. However, they each have their own issues going on and she didn’t want to bother them.

Kamille texts Perrie to let her know she’s okay and she’ll keep her updated as Jade unpacks in the guest room. Jade says she has been thinking about what she wants to do, post-Little Mix. She wants to take a break for a while. She’d like to travel and actually see the world. She likes to sing but would like to maybe start another venture. However, she can’t do anything alone. Kamille nods her head. Jade says it’s once it slows down, it’s too late. Kamille says she’s going to have to talk to her friends and manager.

Leigh-Anne texts Kamille, asking if Jade doing any better. Kamille asks if there any vacations scheduled for them soon. Leigh-Anne texts that she’ll find out. Jesy responds that their is nothing planned. They are booked for the next month or so. Kamille says they might have to cancel some appearances. She adds that otherwise Jade’s mental health may suffer. Perrie responds she’s on it and thanks her for letting her know. Kamille opens the door of the guest room and sees Jade sprawled out in the bed, the covers half over her body as she sleeps.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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