Video Review: Vanessa Williams “The Sweetest Days”

Vanessa Williams, wearing a long, black coat, walks in a park during the day. She stands by a column.

At home, she lies in bed, wearing an iridescent dress. An eight-year-old girl jumps on her bed. She puts her hand on her cheek as she sits on the couch.

She walks past the barriers along a parade route. A six-year-old boy laughs as he puts his hand on the column in the park. He runs by her.

Wearing the iridescent dress, she turns around in her family room. She gazes out the window and leans against the mantle. Back in the park, she watches people walk by her.

In black boots and the coat, she steps on leaves as she continues to walk at night. During the day, the six-year-old boy waves at her as he walks with his mom.

Rating: 2.5/5

Vanessa Williams asks her daughter to spread her daughter’s arms out and removes the dog fur with the lint brush. She tells her to get her backpack. Her husband calls for her to “hurry up!” Their daughter runs down the stairs. Her husband gives them both a kiss. He tells them to have a good day at school.

She drops off her daughter and waves to her friends from the Parent Teacher Association. Parking her car, she says hello some of her daughter’s classmates. In one of the conference rooms, she and her friends from the Parent Teacher Association plan their fundraising activities. One friend suggests they simply cold call. Williams says it’s a possibility. However, she thinks a bake sale would bring in a majority of the money needed. Another friend of hers exclaims there’s a local bakery she uses for the sales every year.

Back at home, she schedules an interview with the local society magazine and creates a rotation for the service people in the house. She grants the cook a few days off but turns down the maid’s request for the same days. She types figures on the adding machine and makes out the checks for them.

Around 2 p.m., her husband returns home and says he has a conference call he has to take in his office. In his study,  he lists off statistics while she watches a cooking show. She jots down the recipes and sets them on the table. A couple of hours later, her daughter races through the door. She gives her a hug and asks her about school. Her daughter says she received an “B” on her test. She tells her good job and says dinner will be ready soon. Her daughter yells “okay!” and changes into her name brand casual clothes.

Director: Kevin Bray Year: 1994

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