Video Review: Ally Brooke & Tyga “Low Key”

At the dance studio, Ally Brooke listens to music as she sits on a chair. A young man (Ricky Alvarez) sees her set her duffel bag on the floor and hangs off to the side. Brooke’s best friend approaches her and tells her “girl, I see you with your old boy again. ” Brooke assures they are just friends. The young man rubs his hand over his forehead as he eavesdrops. Her friend says “Really?” and adds, “Then I’ll see you out there dancing. Alone.” Brooke tells her classmates that rehearsal is starting.

Wearing a beige dress, she lies on the floor and kicks up her legs. She winks.

In black hoodie dress, she performs in the middle of the studio.

On stage, she performs for solo for the judges. The male and female comment to each other while her classmates join the routine. The young man dances alongside Brooke. The judges look over their notes.

Tyga raps in a separate wing of the studio.

Tyga and Brooke hang out on the stairs.

The young man leans against the railing as she walks down the stairs in a white minidress. He walks behind her and she touches his cheek. They walk down the stairs together.

Rating: 3.5/5

Ally Brooke stretches her leg in the dance studio. Her boyfriend kisses her on the cheek as he sits down next to her. She says she keeps going over the choreography in her head and thinks she missed a few counts. He tells her she was on time with her steps and led the team well. She says she wishes 3 p.m. would be over already.

People begin to walk into the studio. Her boyfriend slides away from her and warms up at the bar. Her best friend notices them separate from one another. Her best friend says “so you’re with him again?” Brooke shrugs, stating, she wants it to be a secret. Her best friend laughs, telling her, she won the betting pool in the dorm. Brooke asks her how her team performed. Her best friend says they were passable. However, she had heard that her team did really well.

At 3 p.m., she and her classmates sit in the auditorium and wait for the judges. Her boyfriend sits a couple of rows behind her. She waves him over and pats the seat next to her. He walks over and says they thought they didn’t want anyone to know. She smiles, saying everyone does know. Her best friend won the bet. Her best friend waves and says she won a hundred dollars. They quiet down as the judges walk on the stage.

The female judge says everyone put on a great show. However, she adds, one captain took risks and created a memorable performance. She announces that Ally Brooke’s dance was chosen to as the closing number for the final show of the year. Her boyfriend puts her arm around her and says she deserves it. She tells them “thank you” and gives him a kiss.

Director: Mike Ho Year: 2019

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