Video Review: The Verve “Lucky Man (US Version)”

Richard, with his hands in the pocket of his coat, stands on a mountain in New York. In his apartment, a small statue of the Virgin Mary sits on a table in the bedroom. A gas stove warms up in the kitchen as he prepares tea. Richard taps his foot while he stands in the bathroom. He puts on his coat and leaves his apartment.

Richard, wearing a Detroit, Michigan t-shirt, sits on his bed. Lit in red, he reaches for the handle of the door. He opens the door and his friends walk inside.

Back in his t-shirt, he sits at the dinner table with his friends. He spins a radio.

On the couch, he wears sunglasses and claps his hands.

At the dinner table, he watches a second version of himself leave the apartment. They get up from the dinner table and walk to the rooftop. They look at the people walking to work and appointments.

He drives behind a bus and over a bridge. On the road, he gets out of the car and walks by himself as one of his friends drives. They follow him up the mountain. He smiles as he turns to his friends.

Rating: 5/5

Richard pours himself some tea and scrunches his nose. He glances at the box in the sink. It’s going to take an entire year to get through it. He makes a note to tell his family and friends to send some tea from home. As he writes, the pen runs out of ink. He finds one in the drawer and finishes the 10th job application. In his closet, he takes out a suit and walks to businesses to return the application. They thank him.

He stomach rumbles as he walks another block. While leaning against a store window, he eyes the vendor grill the hot dogs. He digs out some money in his wallet and buys one. It’s the first American thing he’s done since he moved here a few months ago. Usually, he spends his evenings at the Red Lion, talking with other British people about home.

However, he has discovered the mountains. A group of his work friends invited on their weekend off and he had a fantastic time. He realized why the people fell in love with America. America stopped being a foreign place  to him for a few hours. Usually after an exhausting shift at the diner, he walks all night and sits at the top, watching the sun rise. In a week, his friends from home will be coming over to visit. They all want to see the city. But he plans to have them camp out here for a night. Life will slow down to a crawl and it’ll be as though they are wherever they want to be.

Director: N/A Year: 1997

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