Video Review: Gucci Mane & Lil Pump “Kept Back”

Four young women, wearing bikinis, walk out of a pool in Miami Beach, Florida. A young women, wearing a red bikini, splashes water by her breasts.

Gucci Mane dances on his yacht with dozens of young women surrounding him, wearing bikinis. A third young woman licks Lil Pump’s watch. Young women shake their butts as in their chair floats near the yacht. Mane and the dozens of young women dance by the pool.

At night, Lil Pump dances by the pool. Behind him, a young man performs tricks on his jet ski. During the day, two young women stand next to Lil Pump by the pool.

Lil Pump rides the jet ski.

Mane and Lil Pump sit in the car while the young women surround them.

Mane kicks his foot as he sits on the couch. A fourth young women pushes up her breasts in her bikini as she sits on the couch.

A fifth young woman rubs a sixth young woman’s butt at the pool. People ride jet skis around the yacht.

Rating: 0/5

A young woman, wearing a red bikini, slaps another woman across the face. The young woman curses at her and says she was the one Gucci Mane was talking to and she needs to get away. The second young woman says it was her turn and pulls at her hair. They scratch and tug one another by the pool. Mane smirks as he watches the two young women fight. A third young woman puts her hand on Mane’s shoulder and says it’s tacky. He says he thinks it’s great. She nods, saying she has a point. She turns her head toward the yacht and says the bed is free. He tells her maybe later.

Mane checks on his friend, Lil Pump at the pool. Lil Pump says he’s okay as he puts his arm around two young women. Mane says no need to commit to them all afternoon. He says he has plenty of share. The hostess hands Mane a glass of champagne. Lil Pump asks for a beer.

As he walks to the jet ski, he sees the doctor patch up the two young women. He waves a young woman approaching him and gestures for another to join him. He pats the seat and tells her she can hold his waist. She says she can multi-task. He tells her she can do whatever he wants and takes off into the water.

Director: Omar The Director Year: 2018

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