Video Review: Sheryl Crow “My Favorite Mistake”

Sheryl Crow puts her hands in her hair. She puts her hand on her forehead and moves her lips to the side. Two lights turn on in the corner of the studio. She dances in hunter green tank top and leather pants.

While holding her guitar, she looks up at the olive green ceiling.

Wearing a ruby red tank top and leather pants, she continues to dance. She crosses her arms and bites her lip. She plays the guitar and taps her foot. She sits on a chair, her guitar in her lap. She leans against the wall and walks to the left wall. She puts her hips to against the right wall and arches her back.

Back in the hunter green tank top and leather pants, she sticks out her tongue. She continues to dance.

Rating: 1/5

Sheryl Crow tugs at her tank top. As she holds the material, she takes a deep breath. In another hour and a half, she can go home and change into sweatpants. The walls of the studio seem to be caving in as she glances at the wall. She thinks of the movies she could be watching while she stands around. Although there isn’t rush to go home. No one is waiting for her.

The photographer tells her she can leave. They have the material they need. She calls out “goodbye” and changes into some jeans. While driving home, she makes a turn onto the expressway. She watches the signs, listing the cities. It’s about 80 miles to Las Vegas. Her gas gauge dings and she heads for the exit. As she pumps gas, she digs through some change in her purse.  She slips some change into the pay phone and tells her friend to watch her house over the weekend.

She grins as she drives past the “Welcome to the Fabulous Las Vegas” sign and checks into a motel.  At the casino, she drinks and dances as the lounge singer performs. At the craps table, she blows on the dice and is up $1000 but loses almost all of it at blackjack. She slurs at the dealer and security escorts her out into the sidewalk. While in the cab, she asks the driver to pull over. She cries as she vomits in the grass. It seems as though the messy days won’t ever end.

Director: N/A Year: 1998

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