Video Review: Norah Jones “Come Away With Me”

Norah Jones glances at the desert as she drives in her car. She puts an 8-track into the player of her car. Resting her arm on the window, she puts her fingers to her temple as steers with one hand. On the shoulder of the road, she watches a thirtysomething man jog. She sees the thirtysomething man run past her again with a friend.

While continuing on the road, she sees a twentysomething man and pulls up beside him. He opens the door and gets inside. She turns her head and smiles at him. A police officer in a motorcycle turns on his siren and she slows down. The police officer writes her up a speeding ticket. The joggers run in reverse.

Rating: 1/5

Norah Jones hums along with her 8-track as she drives. The car itself has cost her thousands in repairs. However, she refuses to get rid it. It has survived one minor accident and has at least two engines installed. She stays on the main road and passes the entrance to the freeway. The freeway may be faster she can’t risk getting her car totaled.

The car was originally her father’s. He had taught her how to drive in the car and then gave it to her once she got her license. She drove it to school and to her first job at a clothing store. Her friends went to an amusement park during spring break. She had received her first speeding ticket. Her parents had questioned why she needed to drive back to Nevada for a day, saying she had a project due. She had try to explain it away as some alone time. However, they had seen the envelope and insisted on going with her. She had rolled her eyes. However, it had ended up being a fun weekend. She and her mom shopped at the mall and they visited the Hoover Dam.

Two years later, though, her parents divorced. She stayed close to home for a while. Her mother really took it hard.  She told her boyfriend it was over and she couldn’t handle being in a relationship. He had called her the other day, asking if she could pick him up. It was a four hour drive. She told him she would be there.

Director: James Frost Year: 2003

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2 thoughts on “Video Review: Norah Jones “Come Away With Me”

  1. Can you explain the reason for the joggers in the video and also why they were running in reverse at the end of the video?

    1. To answer your second question, I think it’s supposed to symbolize Norah Jones sliding back to her lover. She’s trying to go somewhere but in reality, she’s still tied to the relationship. The joggers represent resilience and endurance, which Jones may be lacking. Again, it’s my interpretation. Thank you so much asking!

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