Video Review: P!nk “God Is A DJ”

Wearing a leopard print bra and yellow panties, Pink rolls under the sheets. She gets out of bed, the mascara smudged on her face and pulls on some jeans in her bedroom.

Her best friend sleeps on a mattress in her family room with several people next to her. As the phone rings, she brushes some hair out of her face and talks to Pink.

Back in the bedroom, Pink changes into a red corset tank top and embellished jeans. Her best friend chooses a sequin dress to wear. Pink runs down the stairs and calls for a cab at night. Her friends wait for her by the subway.

On the subway, she sits between one of male friend’s knees and sits on his lap. She swings from pole to pole on the train. She runs up the steps and pouts at the drag queen bouncer. He sneers and she unhooks the velvet rope, letting her friends inside. Her friends hug the wall as they walk in together.

She sucks on a lollipop as she walks through the club and slides underneath the bars. She crawls on the floor and feels up one of her male’s friend chest. She and her friend trade lollipops.

Rating: 4/5

Pink scrounges up some dollars in her wallet. She says she only has a few bucks left. Another one of her friends chimes in with “here’s my five.” A second friend puts on a ten dollar bill on the table. A third friend dumps some change on the table and counts up the money. Several other friends contribute some singles and fives. The third friend announces they have enough to get home. Pink blows a kiss to the bouncer as they leave.

At 3 a.m., Pink and her friends split piergois from Veselka. A friend of hers changes clothes in the bathroom and heads to work. She and her second friend talk with their server. Pink invites her out with next weekend. The server says it was nice seeing them again and tells them she’ll see them soon. While walking home, Pink takes off her shoes and rubs her feet as she leans against the building. She waits for some of her friends by the drug store and gives some change to a homeless man.

Back home, she and her friends stumble inside. One friend falls asleep on the floor. She puts a blanket over him and flops on her bed. Her second friend groans and she helps her to the bathroom. She holds back her friend’s hair as she vomits. Pink closes the blinds in the house and flops on the bed, falling asleep on the covers.

Director: N/A Year: 2004

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