Video Review: Travis Scott “Can’t Say”

Lit in royal blue, hundreds of men sit on their BMX bikes in the right and left lanes inside the tunnel. Travis Scott stands on the seat on his bike while he drives. Several people pop wheelies. They fly over burning basketball nets. Scott dribbles a burning basketball on the court.

Inside a garage, Scott folds his arms as he stands on his bike. People walk in the tunnels in their helmets. Scott raps by himself in the tunnel. The people float underwater. A police car’s sirens blare. He stands by an escalator.

A ten-year-old boy looks up at the sky. A translucent Scott appears on the boy’s back. Scott spreads out his arms, a neon pink cross on his forehead in the city. He continues to ride through the city.

A couple sits inside a translucent box lying somewhere on the street. A pyramid burns. Horses gallop in the tunnel. In the shadows, people gather to see a Scott on the cross. He levitates in the tunnel.

The people ride past a crystallized half moon with a silhouette of the city within. A giant Scott welcomes people as they enter. An astronaut flies backwards near the moon.

Rating: 5/5

Travis Scott’s booming voice welcomes people back into Astroworld. The people ride by in single boats and present their passport at the border. People wait in the creamy water for their turn. An agent questions a young mother and child by the gate. People watch as they are escorted into the immigration building. The child waves to the people on the boats and says “hello.”

A young man leaves his boat and crosses onto the path to help the mother. He offers to sponsor them. The mother likely had family somewhere in Astroworld. It was the only she would’ve maneuvered past the portals and press in the passwords once in the half moon.

Astroworld was a fantasy to the majority of the population outside of it. It was a place created underground. The scientists, who settled the area, developed it into a formless portion of the Earth. They honed the formula of glass edges along the border. It was Scott, though, who had lifted the original restrictions on citizenship. During his speech to the multiple engineers and businessmen, he said he lost family to the smoky air. They need to think of the people trapped in state by them, robbed of any chance to better themselves. The diseases from the air will kill them first.

While he and some of the citizens ride through the streets, they search for destitute people. However, with each run, there were fewer calls for help. Some of suggested they are hiding in the buildings. Scott chokes as the gloomy mist covers the sky and shakes his head. He tells them they can’t stay any longer. The doctor has told him he needs to stop the runs for his own health. However, he can’t leave anyone else behind.

Director: Nathalie Canguilhem Year: 2019

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