Video Review: Ariana Grande “Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored”

Ariana Grande, in a black dress, walks on the balcony of a mansion at a party. She looks over her shoulder

Wearing a blonde wig, she walks down the stairs. She sits on the couch and drinks. Lit in azure, she watches a couple walk hand-in-hand. She meets the eye of the young man (Charles Melton) while he dances with his girlfriend (Ariel Jasmine) and holds her glass to her chest. She twirls her hair as she dances with him. His girlfriend moves between them.

His girlfriend smiles at her while they make a toast at the bar and touches her hair.

Grande, in the dress, walks towards the couple. His girlfriend gives her a hug. She follows behind them as they walk to the hot tub. The young man glances over his shoulder at her. His girlfriend smirks at her while she dances with him.

Lit in apple red, she walks in the bedroom. In the mirror, she sees his girlfriend stare back at her. Grande, in a blonde wing, dances with his girlfriend.

In the hot tub, she sits in the corner and avoids the young man’s gaze. The young man turns to Grande. His girlfriend points Grande’s chin towards her and they kiss.

Rating: 2.5/5

Ariana Grande sighs as she looks over the city. A young man smokes his cigarette while taking a walk. A second man unlocks his car and turns on the radio as he pulls out of the radio. She could have both of them if she wanted. Both of have asked her out. However, she turned them down. She wished she wanted them. It would be better than waiting for a young woman who prefers to be with her boyfriend.

She has grappled with her growing emotions for the young woman. While dating her ex-boyfriend, she cancelled plans to sleep with random men. All she wanted to do was feel some butterflies or goosebumps. Each experience had left her cold.

She cranes her neck as she watches the young woman dance with her boyfriend. The young woman purses her lips as she glances at her. She wants to smash her glass and push the boyfriend away from her. While walking back to the bar, she lets her shoulders touch her cheek as she gives the woman a tight smile. It’s a competition she knows she won’t win.

The shots gave her some bravery. She stares at the young woman as she follows them into the hot tub. She stays in the hot tub, staring off in the distance while the young woman giggles at her boyfriend’s jokes. She overhears as they plan a trip to the Caribbean and she walks over to them. The young woman kisses her. She pulled away, asking her if she was okay with it. The young woman tells her she can no longer live a lie. Her boyfriend looks on, his hand over his mouth. The young woman splashes water on him and tells him to leave them alone.

Director: Hannah Lux Davis Year: 2019

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