Video Review: Marc Anthony “Tragedy”

As the sun sets, Marc Anthony rides his boat in St Teresa, Costa Rica with his wife. He walks ahead of her on the dock. In the car, he looks out the window and watches her take off her sunglasses. She turns her head away from him. He shakes his head and puts his hand over his face.

He checks them into the hotel and checks out a young woman as he walks behind his wife on the stairs.

He rides in the backseat of the car by himself. He stands on the steps of hotel and loosens his tie. As he walks into a bar, he gazes at a second young woman in a yellow top and drops his wedding ring in his drink. He walks around, his security guard following a few feet behind him. He takes off his sunglasses and watches a group of women dancing in white bikinis. Moving to the front of the stage, he raises his eyebrows and imagines himself singing with them. He hands a bouquet of red roses to the Miss Santa Teresa.

Back at the hotel, his wife drinks wine.

At the bar, he hangs out with the newly crowned Miss Santa Teresa and the other contestants from the pageant. They laugh and one of the contestants refills his glass.

At the hotel, his wife sits on the bed. She orders the cab driver as she gets outside and leaves the passenger door open. He closes it. She watches as her husband holds the hand of a young woman in a hunter green dress. She hits the back of the cab driver’s seat and tells him to go. He and the young woman board the trolley.

Rating: 2/5

Marc Anthony kisses a young woman on the beach. She pushes back a strand of his hair as he lies top of hair and grins. He asks her if she wants to go back to her place. She bites her lip and says yes. He helps her up and get a taxi. In the backseat, he touches her thigh and kisses her neck. She whispers that the taxi driver is right there. He says he doesn’t care. He continues to kiss as they walk inside to her home. They sleep together several times.

In the afternoon, he sees shopping bags piled up on the counter. He races downstairs and puts his credit card in the ATM. It’s declined. He asks to talk to the manager of the hotel. As he talks to the manager, he asks for a detailed bill so far. He gives them another credit card and says it’s only for his account. He calls his bank and removes his wife’s name on the account.

His wife curses him out and throws her heels at him, shouting that she had to walk 10 miles to get back. She says she couldn’t get any food to eat. Slapping him across the face, she says she wants a divorce. The hotel manager asks her to leave. She stomps her foot, saying she’s a paying guest and that she’ll report them. She wrangles herself away from the security guards and tells them at least find her another place to stay. Anthony nods his head at them, saying he’ll pay for it. She snaps her head towards him and says marrying him was the worst mistake of her life. He waves his credit card and tells her he slept with a twentysomething pageant queen. She glares at him and tells him she’ll be in the room packing up her things. He shrugs and checks out one of young women walking through the entrance.

Director: N/A Year: 2003

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