Video Review: Bazzi “3:15”

Lit in aqua, Bazzi sits on the end bed. In a split screen, a young woman sleeps by him to the left while he sits on the bed. On the left, it changes to his ex-girlfriend in the backseat of a car.

As he drives in the rain, sunrise lights flicker on the right side of the road. A border forms with scaly tentacles connecting to the square of Bazzi driving. The border changes to the lights blurring at night in the city.

He walks by Pearl’s. A border with thin splotches of red forms. It rotates with bursting flames around the square.

With a border of the buildings of the city, he sits on the bed. In a split screen, the sun rises and birds fly on the left. A triple screen forms as he drives. Clouds border the square.

Lit in lavender, he flies in a plane. Back at Pearl’s, he hugs his girlfriend outside the store. A second square forms within of having him sitting on the bed.

In a second split screen, he glances at the young woman on the bed on the left. While on the right, he and his ex-girlfriend hold hands by the store. The split screens rotate.

As he sits on the bed, three small rectangles focus on his eyes. He continues to dance by the store. A small square of him sitting on the bed forms over his body.

He sits on the plane while to the left, she’s in the backseat of a car. He sits on the bed as a fuzzy border forms.

Rating: 3/5

Bazzi honks his horn as the car next to him cuts him off. A car’s lights flash as he passes by an accident.  He swerves as he finds the blurred line on the road again. Checking his rearview mirror, he sees several cars lined up behind him. There was no time to pass safely to the left lane. He really should’ve stayed at the young woman’s place for the night. On his steering wheel, he turns on the radio with his finger.

The young woman wasn’t his ex-girlfriend. She was someone he saw between shows. It was a genuine friendship mixed with some sex. Although he liked her, he had to force himself to feel something other than boredom with her. She had seemed to accept his stoic nature. She made excuses for why he didn’t smile to their friends. He posed for photos with her family and invited her to industry events. However, she was convenient for him.

It was 100 miles to his ex-girlfriend. There was a party shop where they hung out and drank from the bottle. They returned home, tipsy but giggling. She would snatch the bottle away if he started to get drunk. He had told her to cut him off. It was how he kept her safe. He gave her a bag of chips from his bag. If she didn’t eat, she would be sick later in the night.

He hangs out in the parking lot of the party shop. He paces back and forth by the door. Inside, he buys some chips and a bottle. He sips on the bottle as he sits on the curb. A police officer approaches him and tells him he needs to go. He tosses his bottle in the garbage and walks around the block. Back at the party shop, he curls up in the backseat and falls asleep.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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