Video Review: La Bouche “S.O.S”

In an office, Melanie talks into a headset as she types on the computer. In a lime green lit tunnel, Lane rides his motorcycle.  On his phone, he listens to Melanie’s video message.

Two men ride an escalator. They hold onto Melanie’s arms as they walk out of the office blindfolded. Lane follows the men in their car. They stop at a parking structure. One of the men removes the blindfold. She sits on a chair and sings into a microphone while the men watch. Lane parks his motorcycle and defends himself with sparklers as he walks towards the men.

Lane slides the sparklers on the ground, The men cough form the smoke and pass out by their instruments. Melanie rides on the back of Lane’s motorcycle.

Rating: 2.5/5

Melanie tiptoes to the motorcycle. Lane assures her the men will be unconscious for a few hours. She gets on the bicycle and stares at the men who kidnapped her. She touches her throat. He asks her if she’s okay. She tells him to get out of the parking structure.

Once home, she starts to shake. She turns on some music to calm down and it gives her a panic attack. The doorbell rings and she jumps. Looking through the peephole, she sees it two police officers. She opens the door and walks outside. They say they received a report from Lane regarding her disappearance. They ask if she knew who the men were. She says she can’t do it right now. She wants to be left alone. The police officer reminds her she’s lucky to be alive.

She says she was at work, taking some calls. The men had entered her office, saying they had a meeting. She had dialed the secretary but they had ripped off her headset. They had led her out of the building. She says it was a late shift and she was one of the last people working. They wanted her voice and kept telling her to sing. She had told them she needed water. However, they threatened to harm her if she didn’t hit the right notes. They thank her for her time and say they will contact her with more information.

The sheet music lies on the piano. She has no desire to learn it. It will be a long time before she’ll ever sing again.

Director: N/A Year: 1998

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