Video Review: City High & Eve “Caramel”

Robbie puts a disc into a computer. Toby sits next to him as they watch the video. They giggle as they see “Dreamgirl 2001” appear on the screen. Robbie picks the features of the young woman for their game. Claudette sings behind a wall of the speakers as the game develops her character. Their jaws drop as the screen becomes vertical and Claudette beckons them to join the game. They walk into the vertical screen.

Claudette dances at a bar.

While Claudette sits on a couch, the computer reads: “connecting to 40’s movie, Caramel.” Robbie and Toby talk behind her. They raise their glasses and it becomes a movie poster.

Claudette hits her opponent, a young man, with embellished boxing gloves in the ring. The computer screen reads: “connecting to 70’s film, Super Fly.” She knocks him out and raises her arm in victory. It becomes the image for the movie poster. Toby and Robbie dance by the ring.

Lit in Parisian blue, a group of people sit on a couch at the bar. Claudette continues to dance as Robbie and Toby put records on the turntable.

Robby rubs his hands and types. The computer screen reads: “connecting to action film Tough Sugar.” Robby and Toby speed as they drive a luxury car through the city. A person materializes underneath bridge and drives a motorcycle. They ride the motorcycle through the city. Eve takes off her helmet and gets off the motorcycle.

A female police officer blocks Robby and Toby from driving on the street. She leans against the driver’s side and it becomes the movie for “Tough Sugar.”

Robby continues to type on the computer. They dance with Claudette in the game.

Rating: 1.5/5

Robby puts his head in his hands. His romantic movie ended up in development hell and never got made. He uses another life. He scraps the romantic movie and adds some cars to it. Toby suggests nixing the romantic comedy elements and making it an action movie. They write several young women in bikinis into the script. The movie is a hit. In the next level, they have become the directors.

Robby fine-tunes the script for an indie movie. Toby takes out some of the safe tropes and says they need to be edgy. Robby makes it a social issue movie. Robby picks several rising stars for the lead roles. Toby says a former leading lady should have a spot in the movie. The former leading lady receives award recognition and wins an Academy Award for the movie. They become a fading movie star.

Toby chooses some dramas for her to star in with some well-known directors. Robby dismisses the favor the director, ruining her career. She stars in a series of flops, marries her husband after knowing him two months and divorces him a month after the wedding. She enters rehab. Robby turns off the game and deletes their progress.

Director: Antti Jokinen Year: 2001

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