Video Review: Dua Lipa “Swan Song”

Debris falls into a landfill in Iron City. A crane lifts up the hazardous materials and puts them in a separate pile. A young woman holds a damaged fender. Alita (Dua Lipa) glances over at the people next to her as she rolls a metal in her hands. She walks away as people shovel broken objects into large cardboard boxes.

As people begin to dance, Alita hits her hands against a wall of old soda cans. She joins in the routine. A large cyborg steps into the landfill. She and the group of people turn around. She hides by the wall of soda cans as people run. The large robot lasers a second young woman and Alita hangs her head against her arm. The cyborg follows behind its new workers, including the second young woman.

Alita sleeps in her bed. She walks outside and punches the mirror. An animated image of herself appears. Alita touches her face and points her finger towards the mirror. She and her animated image step back.  Her animated image walks out the mirror and performs some martial arts. While Alita punches towards the mirror, metal forms on her arms.

Walking on a cliff in the landfill, she raises her arm towards the spaceship.

Rating: 5/5

Alita holds a metal skull in her hands. It was a warrior. Parts of its body dumped and picked apart for scraps. She admires the warriors. They wanted to free Iron City. Some remembered the Earth before it was destroyed and were able to explain the use of various parts. They created jobs for people to recreate the original technology. Alita often found pages of pages of books from centuries ago and tucked them in her pockets. She read them in her room and it filled her with questions. Why was 2016 such a mess? Did the people in the past centuries want to end the world? Ido advised her to stop with the questions. It would only make them targets. She fumbled for every page of history within the wreckage to learn about the past.

She wants to be a warrior. There had been a series of disappearances from the landfill. Some people had died from malnutrition. Others had been caught by the assassins. The cyborgs in power were intent on prolonging the suffering of the people. The people in the former world fought back. She wants to return the world back for them.

In the mirror, metal forms on her arms. She gazes at the person she’ll become. Ido takes a look at her arms and says she can’t return to the landfill. He says he’ll make up an excuse and gives her instructions. She tells Ido she always knew she was a warrior. He says he believes in her and knows she can change the world. She nods and walks out the door.

Director: Floria Sigismondi Year: 2019

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