Video Review: Kodak Black “Transgression”

Lit in mauve, Kodak Black sits on his car with a group of his friends.

He speeds down the road in his luxury car.

Wearing his denim jacket, he holds a paper cup of liquor in one hand and a machete in other as he walks on the street. He fans his money with his hand.

A group of his friends wears a black mask over his face and holds some liquor as he hangs out in his driveway in the daylight.

A young woman sits next to him in the car.

He and his friends pick out snacks at the Marathon gas station. They pay the clerk and fill their gas pumps. Some of his friends wait and stand by the cars.

He sits by the arches in front of his house. He shows his self-portrait and counts his money while his friends watch. He continues to walk around in his driveway, wearing his denim jacket.

Rating: 1/5

Kodak Black twirls his machete back and forth as he talks with his friends. He asks one of his friends if he likes his denim jacket. His friend says it’s okay. He points the machete at his friends and tells him to say it again. His friend gulps says he should be featured in a magazine. “Good answer,” he says as he swigs his from his plastic cup.

A group of friends praise him as he walks to him. Machete at his side, he says he has to get some gas in his car. One friend offers to pump the gas for him. A second friend says he’ll pay. Black says they are leaving and people gather in their cars.

At the gas station, his friends choose their snacks as they walk in the aisle. They glance over at their shoulder, watching Black. They talk amongst themselves and pay for their snacks. A friend whispers if they know where the machete is. The second friend answers it’s back at his place. The friend says they are safe for a while. Black drives them home and tells them he’s going out with his girlfriend. His friends say goodbye and leave in their cars.

His girlfriend checks the time on her cellphone. Two hours late again. However, she knows better than to say anything. The machete could be in the backseat. Although he promised he wouldn’t hurt her, she worries if she calls him out on his behavior, she’ll be reported missing. He pulls up in her driveway. As she gets inside, he gives her a kiss. She musters a smile and looks out the window. He won’t ever let her leave.

Director: @Wavyflash Year: 2019

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