Video Review: Regina Belle “Baby Come To Me”

Regina Belle sits on the floor of her bare apartment, tapping her foot while the fans on the floor cool her. She walks in the hallway.

She presses button the projector as she sits on the chair. Two more slides of her boyfriend pop up on her wall. The sun rises while she sits on the bench in the family room.

They kiss in the park. He spins her around while they hug. Closing her eyes, she runs the glass of water across her cheek as she sits on the chair.

She continues to sit on the floor of the apartment.

Rating: 3.5/5

Regina Belle tells her boyfriend “I love you, too” and hangs up the phone. It’s going to be another three months until he’s home. His job couldn’t transfer him right away. He still has to train his replacement. The delays have been going on almost six months. One of his co-workers slipped and said the new job was actually a promotion. He added the company was moving really fast on it. She believes he’s looking for reasons to stay.

She opens an envelope of photographs. Back then, they spent their weekends in the city. They saw plays and cheered on their favorite sports teams. They attended friends’ parties in their lofts. She swore she wouldn’t return back to the suburbs.

However, she got laid off from her job. She took a job at one of the 24 hour diners to pay the bills. His job had a pay freeze. They had to sell their apartment in the city. He worked part-time on the weekends to help pay the rent. He applied for a promotion to another office back home. She called her mom and told her they would be living in the same town again. Her mother said she already knew of a nice home for them and gave her the name of a realtor.

He told her he trusted her choices and to pick whatever she wanted. She quit her job at the diner and start searching for jobs back home. He said they’d celebrate her new job and home once he visits. He hasn’t seen the their new home yet. Her friends are asking about him and she has no idea what to say.

Director: N/A Year: 1989

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