Video Review: Aerosmith “Dude (Looks Like A Lady)”

Steven and Joe turn around as they hear a catcall from the construction crew. Steven puts his hands in front of his face. The young woman takes off her hat and laughs while she holds the drill.

The band performs on stage. Steven dances around the stage.

A second young woman, wearing a black bra and panties dances as she sits on a chair. Joe tears through with his guitar, cutting up the image. A third young woman dances in a red bra and panties.

Wearing a pink dress, Steven touches his side as he sings by the microphone.

In a parking structure, the young woman, wearing a suit turns around. The young man with a beard grins, as he holds his bouquet in his wedding dress. A fourth young woman, in an olive-green dress, plays the saxophone. A band member takes off a fourth young woman’s shorts.

Steven carries the microphone as he runs on the stage.

Rating: 1/5

The young woman from the construction crew winks at him. He forces a wave. She walks up to him and tells him he’s hot. He mutters “thank you” and taps Joe to keep walking. Steven says she thought she was pretty but her doing a guy’s job ruined it for him. He really thought it was a guy at first. Joe was shocked. too.

Backstage, young buxom women parade in their bras and panties. Joe pulls down a woman’s underwear. Steven pulls one of the young women close to him. The young women tells Steven the only job she has to is to please him. He says it’s time to get to work.

Joe suggests going to a bar. With his arm around two young women, he points to SOHO. The young women shake their heads and says it’s a gay bar. Steven and Joe recoil as they walk by. One of the young women says she knows of a lounge bar around the corner. Joe and Steven agree to go there instead. Once inside, Joe and Steven ask if there’s a private room. The owner tells them to follow him upstairs. He says they’ll be some servers with them shortly. One of the young women orders champagne. Steven asks him to bring several bottles and “none of the cheap stuff.” The owner nods and says a server will bring them their order.

Director: Marty Callner Year: 1987

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