Video Review: Normani & 6lack “Waves”

The moon eclipses the sun. Normani lies on the sand of a planet. She opens her eyes a black curtain moves behind her. The image of herself freezes in the sky and fades. She sits on a rock.

She and her several dancers perform a routine on the sand.

Normani blurs into the stars. Standing on a diving board, she hugs a silhouette version of her boyfriend. She lies on a floating bed. She opens her over her face, opening it up. She falls into space and swims underwater.

6lack raps on the moon. She puts her arms around him. While lightning strikes, he sits on a totaled car. 6Black lies with her on the bed. A single tear rolls down her cheek as the black curtain continues to move behind her. A constellation of Normani forms in the sky.

Rating: 5/5

Normani lives among the stars. One day, she knows she’s going to explode. She isn’t sure when, though. It’s to going to help the Earth below. While shopping, she had closed her eyes and wished of being somewhere peaceful. The noise paused and it had gone black. When she next opened her eyes, she was on a planet. Being a million miles from Earth has given her a purpose. She’s been preparing for a while now. Back on Earth, she’d be texting or shopping on her phone. However, there was much for her to do.

6lack tells her goodbye. She gives him a hug. He’s been helping her to get ready. However, it’s his night to radiate. Without him, she searches to find a space in the sky and shine. She travels from continent to continent, watching the cities sleep. She often returns home and hopes sees her constellation. At night, millions of eyes peer at her. Some through telescopes, others while coming home from a party. She thinks she saw one of her cousins spot her at an outdoor concert. A few people wish for hope, love and peace. She sends them a message to let them they were heard. Retreating from the sky, she receives the news that tomorrow will be her night. She closes her eyes and thinks of the people she’s seen and the lights.

Director: Emil Nava Year: 2019

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