Video Review: Livvia “Damn”

Livvia, lying on her surfboard, swims towards the wave. Moving in reverse, she runs to the ocean, carrying her surfboard. She walks to her beach house and argues with her boyfriend.

In a wetsuit, she walks on the beach.

She sits up in bed and looks at her sleeping boyfriend next to her. She lies under the covers. They laugh together in bed.

Wearing a white bikini, she stands on the deck.

They splash each other as they stand in the ocean. They sit on lounge chairs and stare at the ocean. They surf together and join their friends. She surfs by herself. Their dog sits on her boyfriend’s surfboard. They kiss near the store. He rubs her back as she picks out a surfboard at the store. They ride their bikes together and play tennis. She pets their dog as they sit by the pool.

She sits beside him at the bonfire. Their friends sit around them.

She continues to run towards the ocean with her surfboard.

Rating: 2.5/5

Livvia takes some pictures and tags her boyfriend on her social media. She captions it with: “out with my family on the beach.” She features the pose with their dog as the photo. Sitting with her phone on her hands, she waits for the likes and responses. Her boyfriend shakes his head and takes a dog on a walk.

He feeds the dog some hamburger and she tells him to not to give him anymore food. He says she’s been giving him treats all day. She retorts that they are healthy and that he needs start taking him to the vet, if he cares so much. He puts his head his hands and says he’s done. She smirks, saying “and you’ll go right back to her.” He tells her to shut up. Sneering she tells him to talk to his ex-girlfriend.

At the bonfire, she laughs with her boyfriend’s friends. She agrees that her boyfriend is such a goofball. On social media, she posts pictures of the night, tagging all of his friends in the photo. She smiles at his friends comment, saying “great party!” Other people say that “it looks like so much fun! Beautiful house!” She responds, “thank you” and adds they bought it. His ex-girlfriend and she slams her phone down. She picks up her phone a couple of seconds later and sees her boyfriend liked his girlfriend’s comment. She plasters a smile as one of his friends asks her a question. She finds him by one of his childhood friends and links her arm with his.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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