Video Review: Black Box “Strike It Up”

By a canary yellow sheet, Karin dances on stage. Men in suits dance behind her. She dances on a round platform with a royal blue sheet hanging over the stage. Daniele moves his arms back and forth on the left side of the royal blue sheet.

Three men in suits dance in silhouette. Daniele raps as the band plays. Karin, wearing a black dress with cutouts, dances on the right side of the stage. The men in suits dance in the background. A man in a suit does a pirouette by himself and falls onto the ground.

Daniele dances on the platform behind the royal blue curtain. Karin shakes her arms from left to right.

Rating: 1/5

At the audition, Daniele introduces the band to the judges. He says he’s an aspiring DJ and a music major. Karin says she’s a business major who loves to sing. One of the judges asks her for her to sing a note. She waves it away, telling him she’s saving it for the audition.

As the band performs, the judges nod and shake their heads. One of the judges gets up and dances. A judge marks down the man in a suit falling down. A second judge notices the Karin’s lips not matching up with music. She nudges her friend and tells him to keep an eye on Karin.

Daniele throws in an ad-lib. Karin shoots him a worried glance and continues to dance.

The judges say they’ll make a decision soon. The keyboardist rushes to the amplifier to pull the cord. The song starts over again. The judges frown at them and tell them it’s time to leave. Daniele explains Karin has something going on with her voice. One of the judges ask her try to sing. She warbles the lyrics and barely hits the notes. The judge says they are disappointed but they need to do their own work. The second judge tells them the real singer on the track has a place in the show, if she wants it.

Director: N/A Year: 1991

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