Video Review: Lauv & Troye Sivan “I’m So Tired…”

Wearing a puffer coat, Lauv skateboards into the parking lot Bendix Diner located in Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey at around 8 pm. He continues to ride his skateboard into the restaurant. He sits at a table with a cup of coffee. He sits the diner’s roof next to the neon “Good Coffee” sign.

He walks around the diner and drinks his coffee at the table.  A couple share a milkshake. He sits in the center of the table. He sticks a straw in the milkshake and drinks some of it. He steals a fry from their plate.

A young woman drives with her boyfriend.

Lit in a glowing yellow, Lauv walks by a parked car. He watches the couple leave the diner.

Troye Sivan sits on of the car while the young woman drives with her boyfriend. The boyfriend holds the young woman’s hand and rests his head on her shoulder. Parked by the curb, the young woman and her boyfriend make out in the car underneath the glowing yellow light of the suburban neighborhood.

Sivan sits on the front lawn while the first couple makes out by their house. Lauv slams the passenger door the young woman’s car.

Rating: 1.5/5

Lauv glares at the couple at the diner. He tells them to enjoy it while it lasts and sits by them. Sipping their milkshakes, he asks them how long they have been dating. The young man says about six months. He laughs, saying it’s going to be downhill once he discovers she’s cheating. The young man’s eyes bulge and she reassures him, saying she has no idea who Lauv is.

While walking in the diner, he taps his fist on the counter and asks to talk to his favorite server. The owner says she’s off tonight. He asks about her next scheduled day. The owner says he hasn’t finished it yet. He says he’ll see him sometime next week.

While skateboarding home, he sees a couple make out in their car. He hits the window and tells them he’s going to call the cops. They continue to make out. He shakes his head and checks his phone as he walks up his driveway. His ex-girlfriend tags her best friends with suggestions for her bachelorette party.

Director: DAD Year: 2019

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