Video Review: LeAnn Rimes “Life Goes On”

LeAnn Rimes pushes back her hair as she stands in front of the mirror. Several candles in glass vases hang throughout the room. She opens her mouth and touches her lips.

In a cream colored slip dress, she walks through the Lafayette Cemetary No. 1 in New Orleans, Louisiana. She carries an olive green sequined scarf with her as she leaves her home.

Wearing a lacy bra underneath a ripped cream colored dress, she leans against the railing of the balcony.

A young man follows her as she walks in the city. She throws her sash to him. He picks it up and ties it around his neck. Rimes moves the beaded curtain as she walks into Strange Gods, Strange Altars section of the New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum.

She hits the olive green painted walls of her home.

The young man asks the clerk if he has seen Rimes. She shakes her head.

In the cemetery, she peeks past the vaults as he follows her.

She dances during a festival. The clerk shakes the tambourine in the street. A silver painted man remains still next to her. He watches her as she dances by the streetlight. Confetti falls in the air. She puts the scarf around his neck. A flamethrower puts the two torches above her head. She walks away and turns around, gazing at him as he smells her scarf.

Rating: 3/5

LeAnn Rimes buys a spell book from New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum and returns home. She changes into a sequined dress and walks out of her Victorian style house. While walking into the city, she sees a young man behind her and she grins.

The streetcar passes by them as they continue to walk. She believes he’s a tourist, likely from California or Arizona. Turning around, she says  he’s in a surprise. She sneaks into the Lafayette graveyard and hides between the vaults. From the corner of her eye, she sees him looking from the left to right. She knew the graves by heart. In middle school, she and her friends used to perform seances by the graves. The people on the grounds usually told them to go home.

She sips a Bloody Mary at the Erin Rose bar in the French Quarter. Her friend asks her if she wants to go back to the festival. She shrugs and says maybe. She orders another drink and dances with several men. One of the men puts his arms around her waist and she leans into him. She kisses him on the lips and winks at the second man.

Back on the sidewalk, she sees the first young man again. He says that he finally found her. She asked him how long he was at the graveyard. “Two hours” and he realized she was gone. She raises her eyebrows and tells him it’s must’ve been the spell she was practicing. He tilts his head and says “well, it worked.” She says she hopes magic brings them back together again and leaves.

Director: N/A Year: 2002

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