Video Review: Zedd & Katy Perry “365”

At the International A.I. + Robotics Center in Geneva, Switzerland, a thirtysomething female psychologist conducts an interview with young man (Zedd) She asks him for his definition of obsession. He answers “unhealthy dependency.” Behind the glass, several doctors monitor his vitals. She wants to know if he’ll be able to assimilate back into society again after being away for a year. He responds with “absolutely. “

Behind the glass, a young woman takes notes. The monitor reads “irregularity detected” and a young man glances over at him. The thirtysomething female psychologist wants him to “define love.”

In a chair, a robot (Katy Perry) is inspected and developed by the a room of doctors. On day 7, the programmers begin the first of their tests. During the proxy subject test, she interacts with a man dressed a teddy bear. A female programmer adjusts her affection force on her tablet.

Lit in red, the robot sits up in her chair.

In the kitchen, a female programmer trains her to hug. A male programmer states that he’s uploading the conversation program. The robot gets the joke and the programmers give each other high-fives.

While the young man runs on a treadmill, one of the psychologists takes notes and comments that “he’s good.” On day 118, the young man pulls up in his car to pick up his robot. The robot applies red lipstick with her finger. She hugs him as he enters his home. The female programmers clap with relief as the young man gives a positive response to her aggressive hug.

The young man drinks Absolut Vodka. During dinner, the robot says it’s her favorite soup and spills it back into the bowl. At night, she says “I’m feeling sexy” and rolls over to him. He moves his pillow. She follows him around the house all day. He peeks around the corner and tiptoes in the hallway. She calls out “hello” to him. They dance and she puts her hand on the window as she watches him leave for work. While watching a movie, he falls asleep on the couch. She wipes a tear from her eye.

In bed, he puts his hands over his face as he turns to see her watching him. He walks to the family room and sleeps on the couch. She gets dressed and glares at him from the hallway. In the morning, she squeezes him. A siren goes off in the programmer’s room. A programmer’s tablet states “human subject in danger.” She starts a fire in the microwave and sears the locked door shut. Lit in red, a female programmer hits the emergency button on the wall. Security pulls the robot off the young man.

On day 365, the final day of the test, the programmers examine the robot. She listens at the psychologist asks the young man if he had any feelings for the robot. He answers no. The hurt from the words causes her to malfunction. A female doctor says “it’s crashing” and checks the monitor. The female doctor says “unplug.” They remove the cords and she falls back onto the bed. Her jaw drops as she sees models resembling herself looking up and moving through a mirror. She cries.

Rating: 5/5

The young man kisses his wife during their wedding reception. He puts his head on her shoulder and pushes a strand of her back over her ear. He asks her if she wants to make the rounds again. She takes his hand and says they last left off at the middle tables.

While talking with some of wife’s friends from college, he smiles as she starts to fidget in the chair. She can’t stay still for long and he’s grateful to have her. At one point in his life, he believed no one could love him. He left his job and lived in Sweden for a year. He was paid a comfortable salary to be a boyfriend to a female robot for a secret government project. The female robot was programmed to be his faithful lover and perfect match. They had everything in common and she had zero flaws. However, he couldn’t fall for her. Returning home, he read his magazine on the airplane and began talking to a young woman next to him.

The young woman became his wife. She can be a bit scatterbrained and he has to remind her several times about things. He has learned to write it down to help her remember. She stays up late at night, watching television shows. It usually makes her grumpy in the morning. However, it’s a part of who she is and he wouldn’t want to change it.

As far as his family and friends, his job had transferred him to Sweden and his serious girlfriend had been human. The non-disclosure agreement he had signed with the secret government project prevented him from ever saying a word. Every month, another hundred thousand was put into his account. Speaking up would cost his wife any financial security and he couldn’t do it to her. If anything happened to him, he would know she would be okay.

Director: Warren Fu Year: 2019

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