Video Review: a-ha “Take On Me”

At a diner, a young woman reads flips through a comic book. In a panel, Morten glances in the opposite direction. A timer is at zero. A police officer refuels the tank of his motorcycle. In the street, a young man shoots off a gun. Morten and several of his friends on motorcycles race each other. He reaches the checkered flag.

A server gives the young woman a cup of coffee and the check. She stares at Morten in a panel. He winks at her She jumps as he raises his arm out of the page. Taking his hand, she enters the comic book. He walks to a window, showing her his human self.

The band play in a room decorated with sketches from the comic book.

The server notices the young woman has left and crumples up the comic book. She throws it in the garbage can.

Back in the comic book, the police officer has caught up to Morten. The window becomes animated as the police officer reaches to grab Morten. Morten punches him and runs with the young woman down a narrow hallway. The police officers chase him. They catch up. A police officer runs the wrench across his lips as the young woman leans against the wall. He tears open a piece of the wall and tells her to jump.

At the diner, the server and customers stare at the young woman sitting by the garbage can. The young woman takes the comic book and runs out the door. In her bedroom, she reads the comic book again. She cries as she sees him lying dead on the ground. He hits the top of the panel and materializes into her hallway. She puts her hands in her hair as she watches him bump himself against the walls. He lands on the ground, sweating, a fully formed human. She smiles once she realizes he’s okay.

Rating: 5/5

Morten may have been a reckless bad boy. However, he had taken the fall for one of his friends. He had multiple young women after him. But he believed he was too damaged to be with someone. Although he was fictional character, the young woman had a crush on him. He only had a limited run in a comic book series but he had made an impact on her. She read the comic over and over.

A hundred reads later, he invited her inside the book. While turning himself human, he explains the author has allowed him to be. The author had been redeveloping him and creating another story. However, his stories remain unsold. The author had let him go. He was no longer in the author’s head. He tells her it’s dangerous for her here but she may be able to change the outcome. As she had anticipated, the police officers arrive. He saves her and promises to return to her.

At home, she reads it again. It’s the only link to him. He sees her and manages to become human. She asks him if he’s hurt. He says he’s okay but he’s thirsty for a milkshake. She says she’ll make him one in the kitchen. He asks what part of the United States she lives. She answers California. He mentions several fictional cities. She tells him none of them exist but are based on actual areas within the state. She assures him they are safe to leave. He says he’ll follow the law and stay out of trouble.

Director: Steve Barron Year: 1985

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