Video Review: Weezer “Take On Me”

In 1985, Rivers Cuomo (Finn Woltard) draws in his notebook. His mom calls out “Rivers! Rivers!” He takes out his headphones and answers “yeah?” She tells that his friends have come over. She adds that she’s going out and that there’s leftover pizza in the kitchen.

He walks out of his bedroom and into the kitchen. He takes a bite of the pizza while walking to the family room. Setting the slice of pizza on the amplifier, he listens as his friend talks. They begin to play.

Rivers and his band become animated pencil sketches on his notebook paper.

He pulls Jack on a skateboard around the hallway. Jack films with a video camera. Aly films Rivers as he sings as he puts his hand against the doorway. Rivers plays the guitar  while sitting on the couch. Aly writes on Jack’s arm.

Back in his bedroom, he tears his drawing out of the notebook and creates the Weezer logo.

Rating: 2.5/5

Rivers Cuomo listened to the Top 40 countdown every Sunday night on his favorite station. He taped the songs on his cassette and studied them. He suggested them to his band to learn. Aly often brought in Lita Ford. Jack said he knew some Go-Go’s songs. Rivers preferred A-ha and new wave.

They go to the record store. Aly squeals and shows her friends a rare 7″ single of Out For Blood. She picks up a stack of vinyl singles. Jack buys a crate for his albums. Rivers buys a t-shirt. At the counter, Aly asks “couldn’t find anything?” He answers he’s looking for an import from a-ha’s album but can’t find it. She says she’ll keep an eye for it. The clerk says she can put it on order for him.

Back at home, Rivers draws in his notebook. He and his friends are playing at the bowling alley next week. Aly says she plans on going away to school. They are probably holding her back. Aly could front her own band. She’ll likely end up being a famous pop singer. Rivers will tell the reporter that he knew it early on and hopes she’s doing well.

Director: Carrick Moore Greeley Year: 2019

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