Video Review: George Ezra “Shotgun”

Lying on a blanket, George Ezra plays guitar while he sits on the sand. A crab walks past him. The slab of sand turns over in the sky. He sits on a white chair. As the slab continues to flip, he sits on the chair on the opposite side of the table. He stands with a shovel and digs into an x marked on the grass in the forest.

In the dining room, he stands stuck in a hole. His legs kick as he while a couple sit on lounge chairs on the beach. He inspects the hole in the forest with his flashlight. A man sits on bench while a young woman rides a bicycle on the street. Ezra plays guitar on the sidewalk while he stands next to the bench. He sits in a boat.

Ezra sits back to back with himself on the empty dining room floor. He sits on his overturned boat while a shark swims by him. A diver touches the shark.

The various scenes rotate as he flips past the stars. The slab slows down as he sits on his blanket, playing for several people.

Rating: 1.5/5

George Ezra sips his Mai Tai in Honolulu, Hawaii. He plays his guitar as he watches people run into the water. His fingers loosen the chords and he decides it’s time to take a break. He picks up things and carries them to the car. After getting some lunch, he golfs. Checking his watch, he sees he’s three hours before he has to go the airport.

In the suburbs of Nashville, Tennessee, he visits with his goddaughter. She asks him to her tea party. He serves her teddy bear. She tells him the teddy bear missed him. He grins and says he missed the teddy bear, too. He and his friends go to Dollyworld. He thanks them for the great time and gets into his rented car.

He bundles up as he parks his car in the hotel parking lot in Cleveland, Ohio. He raps on the door of a diner and sees the servers cleaning their tables. Getting back into his car, he slides in the snow to the nearest chain restaurant. He visits the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and reads the stories of the various musicians. He returns to hotel room and writes a few songs.

On the flight back home, he falls asleep. He dreams of the beach in Honolulu and the pretty young woman who smiled at him. The sound of a television episode wakes him up and he orders a drink. He plays a game on his phone and beats several episodes. The plane lands and he grabs his suitcase. While at home, he looks through travel websites and picks a cruise. He’ll be leaving in three weeks. As long as he has a guitar and a studio nearby, he can work and get inspired at the same time. The album’s due soon.

Directors: Nelson De Castro and Carlos Lopez Estrada Year: 2018

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