Video Review: TLC “No Scrubs”

The lights flash in the silver painted building. Chili rocks back and forth on white swing connected to the ceiling. T-Boz touches her butt as she dances in a steel hallway.

Chili shakes her finger by the TLC logo on the main wall. Left Eye and T-Boz join her as they perform a routine. T-Boz dances between white curtains on a cylinder.

Left-Eye puts her hands on her hips while Chili sings on the black-and-white television. They continue their dance routine in front of the television. T-Boz dances in a room of wall dotted with oversized lights within squares, creating a domino pattern.

Left-Eye kneels and prays in a charcoal hallway. Wearing a metallic blue outfit, she stands on a white circle throwing punches as a camera follows her.

They kick at each other while standing in front of the television. They tap their butts.

Rating: 2/5

Left-Eye calls out “hello!” Her voice echoes throughout the building. Chili puts her finger to her lips. T-Boz reads the map in front of her and says they are in the correct area. Chili claps once she sees the swing. She climbs onto the white step and flips the switch.

Left-Eye finds opens the door of a charcoal room and prays. The computer blinks over her and she prepares for her lesson. The computer dings her for sliding on the floor. A voice asks her to “stand up and find the position.” After several simulations, she is able to pass.

T-Boz watches the television. It features her saying something positive about herself. Chili comes across the screen, saying she’s not to going to date any freeloading guys. Neither of them knew it would be aired somewhere in the building.

A thirtysomething woman walks by the television. She talks into an intercom, asking for Chili and Left-Eye to join them in the main hall. The thirtysomething woman tells them they’ve done well and passed the tests given to them. She asks them to follow her into the conference room.

Director: Hype Williams Year: 1999

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