Video Review: Brooke Valentine, Big Boi & Lil Jon “Girlfight”

Big Boi raps outside a home. Brooke Valentine walks with her friends in the neighborhood. She and her friends sneer at one of her former friends as they run into them.

She sits on the bed with her boyfriend.

Big Boi fixes the collar of his jacket and stands with a group of his friends,

Valentine taunts her former friend’s dog. Some of her friends call her names. Her former friend shouts at her from across the street. One of her friends calls some her boyfriend.

Back at home, she sits on a chair, talking with friends. One of her friends, in her bra and underwear, listens as she irons. A second friend hands her a cellphone. She shouts into it. Her second friend grabs the phone.

Lil Jon dances at a party. She and her friends walk through the door of Big Boi’s home. She hugs Big Boi and turns down Lil Jon’s offer of fried chicken. Her former friend comments loud enough for Valentine to overhear that “she thank she cute.” She curses back at her. One of her friends holds her back. Two other young women slap each other. A young man breaks it up. She and her friends dance.

Big Boi tries to kiss a young woman’s cleavage and she moves his head up towards hers.

She and her friends leave the party. Her former friend follows her onto the sidewalk, yelling at her. Her former friend removes her earrings. She punches her.

Rating: 1/5

Brooke Valentine runs her hand in water and puts an ice pack over it. Her brother says her former friend went to the hospital. She scoffs, saying she didn’t hurt her that bad. Her brother says she can’t even open one eye. The front door slams and her mother calls out her name. She curses under her breath. Her brother shrugs tells her good luck.

Her mother walks into the kitchen and asks if she beat up her former friend. Valentine tells her mom she had it coming. Her mother tells her knock that smirk off her face. She could face jail time. “What?” Valentine exclaims. “Yeah,” her mother responds, “her parents are thinking about pressing charges.” Her mother adds she’s thinking of taking money out to pay her former friend’s hospital bills. “And you’re going to pay me back every cent.” Valentine says her former friend has been talking badly about her all week. Her mother says it doesn’t matter who started it. The possibility is that she’s going to be in trouble. Her mother says she’s going to try to do all she can but there will be a day she won’t be able to save her.

At the local National Stop the Violence chapter, she organizes toys from the drive and files away past issues. She cleans up the arts and crafts room after class. Her boss asks how she’s doing. She says she’s all right. She mentions while she was cleaning up, a little boy shied away from her. Her boss says his dad beat him every day. She looks down. Her boss says she’s welcome to stay after she’s completed her community service hours. She says she’ll think it over and picks up some crayons on the floor.

Director: N/A Year: 2005

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