Video Review: Fletcher “Undrunk”

In an interview, Fletcher says “if love was labeled poison, we’d all still drink it anyway.” She sits on the curb at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park, New Jersey.

She sits in a chair her bedroom. A gigantic stuffed teddy bear sits across from her. She stands in the driveway of her home on a dreary day.

Wearing a Valvoline jacket, she stands with her folded and glances at the ocean.

In video footage, her boyfriend puts headphones over her ears and she giggles.

She sits in a chair against a cream-colored background during her interview. She runs in sand stained white pants and shirts on the beach. Wearing a blue jacket, she balances herself on a rock and stares up at the sky in the forest.

In a split screen, she stands by the ocean on the left, early in the evening. To the right, she waits for her boyfriend to pick her during a balmy afternoon at the beach. They drive past the High Desert Hotel.

Lit in blood orange, her boyfriend wanders around the house.

They hold hands in the desert. He hugs her as they stand in the field. They lean against the wall of a restaurant. He opens a beer can. They sip beer by a building marked Jesus.

In a split screen, she hugs a punching bag at a gym and on the right, her boyfriend holds her while the sun sets.

She sits on the toilet in her home.

In the interview, she says “I feel like I experience a death of somebody that changed my whole life and then just left.” She stands in the bathroom, looking into the mirror.

Rating: 2/5

Fletcher takes a carton of ice cream out of the freezer. Her best friend asks her what’s wrong. She says she and her boyfriend broke up again today. Her best friend says they’ll make up next week after cooling off. Digging into the ice cream, she says “I don’t think it’s going to happen this time.” Her best friend asks what happened. She says they were watching television and she brought up going to college next year. He blew up at her, saying to stop bothering about his future. She tells her best friend that he can’t be in the band in for his entire life. He had told her they aren’t married and can’t make any life changing decisions for him. She slumps in her seat, saying she was only trying to look out for him.

In class, she glances over her shoulder, trying to get his attention. Her teacher asked what was so interesting. She said she saw a squirrel outside. In the corner of her eye, her boyfriend grins. Her teacher says she was glad to be entertained but it’s time to pay attention.

At lunch, her ex-boyfriend stands next to her line and says “squirrels?” She stumbles, saying it was all she thought of to say. He says it was really funny and wants to know if they can talk. He leads them to a table in the back and he explains to her that he’s feeling a lot of pressure right now. He wants to skip a year and then go to college. His band is starting to get booked for better gigs and he has to know. She says he has to do what’s right for him. However, she worries he may be stuck at a low-paying job for the rest of his life. He holds her hand and says he plans on doing what he has to do to take care of them. She asks him if he wants to come over after school. He nods and says he’ll meet her at home.




Director: N/A Year: 2019

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