Video Review: Club Nouveau “Why You Treat Me So Bad”

At night, a young woman, wearing royal blue gown, stares down at the pavement. A young man, dressed in a suit, walks down the stairs of the apartment building, watching her raise her arms. He walks towards her and they dance. The young woman dances by herself.

In black-and-white, Jay sings inside a warehouse.

The young man, dressed in overalls, lifts up the young woman and places her stacks of wood. He moves bundles around the store. He takes her and pulls her down to the floor, kissing her neck. They begin to dance.

Back in black-and-white, Club Noveau sing together in the warehouse. Valerie sings by herself.

Against a soft pink background, the young man and young man, his body painted in a tribal pattern, dance together. At night, she glances over her shoulder and stays in place as she sees him, crouching in the corner.

The young man, in the tribal body paint, dances by himself against the soft pink background.

As she touches the wall, he holds her hand. They push and pull against one another.

Rating: 3.5/5

The young woman lets the phone ring. On the answering machine, her boyfriend asks her what’s going on. She deletes the message. She has no desire to call him back. He has been freaking her out lately. He’s been talking down to her, saying she wouldn’t understand some avant-garde art installation showing at the museum. She studied the artist in college and wrote her thesis on it. She had suggested some restaurants for dinner and he had said none of them were good. They were all winners in the local newspaper’s competition. Nothing she said was right. She knew no other way out of the relationship other than ignoring him. She doubted he would take her leaving him well.

It had been a gradual decline. In their first year of dating, he dressed whenever he saw her and maintained a steady schedule for them. He hardly ever cancelled dates and often gave her compliments. However, by the second year, he had begun wearing jeans with holes in them and stained sweatshirts. She had asked him to change a couple of times. However, he said he felt comfortable. He started getting fast food to eat and she had finally eat real food before he came over. She told him the fast food was making her sick but he continued to bring over hamburgers and tacos.

A few months ago, he made an implied threat that she belonged to him. It was then she started to think of an exit plan. She returned his kisses but slowly made excuses for their usual dates. She had faked sick a few weeks ago. He had asked to come over but she said she was contagious and it wasn’t a good idea. It was an easy lie. It was an empty obligation for him. She had kept contact minimal and eventually cut him off early in the week. While walking to her job, she glances around to see if he’s following her. Although she doubts he cares that much, she has to be careful.

Director: N/A Year: 1987

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