Video Review: Robyn “Send To Robin Immediately”

In a smoky mist, a group of friends dance in the forest. A young man jumps on his boyfriend’s back. All the friends are dressed in RBN, Robyn’s collection for Bjorn Borg.

A young man, wearing an orange jacket takes a picture of a young woman kissing her girlfriend on his bed. He dances out of the door.

The young man puts his arms around his boyfriend kisses his boyfriend while they stand on a wooden raft.

In the forest, a young women looks up as her girlfriend strokes her hair while lying on the ground. They ride motorcycles in the city. A young woman, wearing a bikini, jumps into the water.

A young woman, with braids, plays with the strings of her boyfriend’s hoodie while they stand on a basketball court. Their friends watch them through the fence. She puts her arm around his neck and he smiles. They kiss.

The young man holds onto his boyfriend’s stomach as they stand in the water.

A young man, wearing a gray hoodie, jogs in the city at night.

The group of friends continue to dance in the forest. They walk underneath power lines as they walk towards the street.

Rating: 4/5

The young man, wearing an orange jacket, dances to the music playing on his phone. One of the young women tells him he’s ruining their moment with the shuffling around. He says he’ll leave them alone for an hour. They call out “thank you!” Only one of the young women is out. Her mother has forbidden her to hang out with her girl friend, saying she’s a bad influence. One of the young women texts him an hour later, saying he can come back.

He returns back to his apartment to see the two young women making pancakes. They say made a bunch. He grabs the syrup and takes a bite. He asks if they are going to the party at the forest tonight. They shake their heads yes. One of the young women asks if her ex is going to be there. He shakes his head yes. She says she would know by now she’s with someone else. He says she may be upset but she’s not going to start any drama.

At the forest, the friends find a favorite spot. The young man brings his boombox and several mixtapes. They dance for two hours by themselves. Voices are kept to whisper as they listen the young man’s choices. It was his pick this month. He turns off the boombox and they talk for a while. He says he’s worried he won’t be able to keep his apartment. They cut hours at his job. One of his friends says he’ll talk to his boss. One of the young women says she’s going to tell her mom she’s a lesbian. She smiles at her girlfriend, saying she knows she’ll have people supporting her. One of the young men says he’s hungry and asks if they want to get something to eat. Several people call out their favorite diner. The young man says “it’s decided” as they walk across the street and into the city.

Director: Max Vitali Year: 2019

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