Video Review: Khalid & Kane Brown “Saturday Nights (Remix)”

At night, Khalid walks by the swing in his backyard. His dog sits on the pavement next to the fire pit. He sits on the swing.

He and Kane Brown sing into microphones in the family room. Digital alarm clocks stand stacked by a wall.

In the afternoon, Khalid sits by the tree in the backyard. Brown sits on a stump and looks at the houses in the surrounding neighborhood. Khalid taps his chest and stares at his hands.

Rating: 2.5/5

Khalid puts the game controller on the floor and pauses the television. He says he’s not able to beat the level. Kane Brown asks him if he wants to watch something on television for a while. Khalid nods and pulls up the menu. They decide to binge-watch a sitcom. Brown pets Khalid’s dog. The dog licks Khalid’s face. Khalid calls the dog into the kitchen and feeds him.

Brown pierces the meat through the skewers and hands them to Khalid. Khalid places the shish kabob on the grill. Brown drinks a beer and says it’s quiet outside tonight. Khalid thanks him for coming over. Brown says he’s it’s okay and asks if he’s feeling better. Khalid says he’s not really upset anymore. However, it’s going to be tough seeing his crush at school. Brown tells him she’ll come around. He adds that she’s sorting out her feelings for him and dealing with her parents. Khalid responds that he isn’t sure time is going to work.

The next week, his crush stops him after class and asks for the notes. She says she was distracted and couldn’t concentrate. He asks what’s bothering her. She says she talked to her parents. He says she can come over if she needs some space for them. She asks him if sometime today is all right. “Sure,” he answers and then says he can catch up on the last couple classes. She puts her arms around him and tells him she cares about him. Khalid grins and asks her if she wants a coffee.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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