Video Review: Taylor Swift "You Belong With Me"

Video Review: Taylor Swift “You Belong With Me”

Taylor Swift watches through her bedroom window as her best friend yells into the cell phone. She closes her book and writes “you ok?” He responds: “tired of drama.” She tells him “sorry :(” and he shrugs. She looks up as he closes the curtain. She holds up “I love you” and sighs.

She sings into her brush and dances around her room. He moves the curtain and laughs.

In the morning, she sits on a bench and reads a book. He sits down next to her and they talk. His girlfriend (also Taylor Swift) pulls up. He waves goodbye to her as he gets inside. His girlfriend kisses him and glares at Swift.

At the football game, his girlfriend, in her cheerleading uniform, leads the cheer dedicated to him. Swift puts her hand on her chest as she watches him play from the bleachers. She holds her clarinet as she jumps up and down. He scores the game winning touchdown. His teammates lift him up on their shoulders. Taking off his helmet, he walks towards his girlfriend and sees her flirting with one of his teammates. Swift watches as they fight.

Dressed in a suit, he sits on his bed and writes to Swift: “you going tonight?” Swift writes: “no, studying.” He responds with “wish you were.” She moves notebooks and glances at the “I love you” message. She takes off her glasses as she sits on the bed.

Wearing a strapless white gown, she walks into the dance. He stops his conversation once he sees her. As he walks towards her, his girlfriend pulls him by the arm and puts her arms around her him. He leaves and she shouts “what?” She opens her “I love you” note. He takes a note out of his jacket, which also reads “I love you.” They smile at one another. They kiss.

Rating: 5/5

Taylor Swift squeezes her boyfriend’s hand as the principal announces the nominees prom king. The principal calls out her boyfriend’s name. She gives him a hug and he kisses her. One of her friends on the cheerleading team says everyone voted for her and wishes her luck. Swift says she doesn’t expect to win. The principal calls out her name for prom queen. She hugs her best friend and goes up on stage.

During their dance, she puts her head on his shoulder. Their friends congratulate them. Swift touches the crown on her head and says she can’t believe she won. Her boyfriend, who lives next door to her and one of her best friends, says it was inevitable. She puts her head down and sees his ex-girlfriend in the corner, arms folded across her chest. His ex-girlfriend left her alone. She knew better. It would risk her social standing to go against her. Swift turns her head away and talks with one of her best friends.

She has dozens of friends now. Although she plays in the band, she’s accepted with the athletes at school. Her boyfriend says he’s happy to see her hang out with people and talk in class. Some of her old friends think she’s changed. However, she still reaches out to them and asks them to sit with her at lunch. As one of her friends told her in private, they don’t feel comfortable with the cheerleaders.

After the prom, she and her boyfriend attend an after-party at a friend’s house. One of her friends hands them some glasses of champagne. Her friend takes her aside and says she’s going to steal her for a while. He kisses her on the lips and says “not too long.” Her friend asks her about her band competition. She says she won second place. Her friend said she always wanted to join band but couldn’t play an instrument for her life. Swift laughs, saying she wished she could cheer but she can’t maintain her balance. Her friend promises to teach her moves over the summer. She says it would be awesome.

Director: N/A Year: 2009

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