Video Review: Benny Mardones “Into The Night”

Benny Madrones smokes as he walks in a neighborhood. He knocks on the door of his 16-year-old girlfriend’s house. His father tells him to leave. He rolls his eyes and mocks him with a thumbs down. Taking off his jacket, he stares at her through her bedroom window.

He puts change into a payphone and calls up his 16-year-old girlfriend.

She opens her window and backs away. He throws a rug on the floor and climbs inside. He unrolls the rug and offers her his hand. As she sits down, he cuddles next to her.

He glances over at her as they fly over New York City. They kiss as they pass the Statue of Liberty.

Rating: 0/5

Benny Madrones leans against the counter and asks the nurse the number of his girlfriend’s room. She points to the room and calls security as he walks away. As security apprehend him, he shouts he’s only to see her and they aren’t doing anything wrong. He calls out to her that he loves her and it’s not his fault.

His 16-year-old girl cries in the room, saying quietly to herself “go away, go away.” Her mother strokes her hair while her father peeks out from the door. His father watches as the police handcuff and tells her “it’s going to be okay.” Her mother asks her how she’s feeling. She says her abdomen still hurts and wants to know if she’ll still be able to children someday. Her father says they’ll ask the doctor once he arrives.

The doctor greets them as he enters the room. He asks the 16-year-old how she’s doing. She says the nurse gave her some extra pain medication. He says he’ll have her stay another day. Her mother asks if the miscarriage will cause problems in the future. He says she’ll be able to kids someday. Her parents thank him. She says she’s hungry. Her mother hands her the menu and says they’ll stay with her. She puts her head on her mother’s shoulder as she looks at the menu.

Director: N/A Year:1980

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