Video Review: Little Mix & Ty Dolla $ign “Think About Us”

Perrie lies on the grass, in a white, lacy bra and jeans. Butterflies fly past her. One lands on her stomach.

Against a white background, Perrie looks over her shoulder. Leigh-Anne pulls her ponytail. Jade touches a strand of her hair and looks down. Jesy giggles and walks away.

Dressed in white outfits, they sit in the center of a circular room. People, in white outfits, stand by them.

Standing by rock, Jade, opens her hoodie and dances as the snow falls. Jesy and her boyfriend make out as fiery smoke billows behind them. Leigh-Anne feels her boyfriend’s muscles as she straddles him by his motorcycle.

In the circular room, Perrie begins to dance and the people join the routine.

Perrie dances in the field. Leigh-Anne and her boyfriend sit on his motorcycle.

Lit in royal blue, Ty Dolla $ign sits in the center of the crowd of people lying on the ground. Little Mix lie next to him.

Against a white background with flashing lights, Ty Dolla $ign while Little Mix stand next to him.

Little Mix stand next to each other in the circular room.

Rating: 2/5

Perrie talks to a young woman in the corner and asks her about how she’s doing. The young woman says she’s fine and says she needs another cup of coffee. Perrie nods and talks to the young man next to her. He answers with a wide smile he’s great and says he’s tired from watching the basketball last night. Perrie sighs and returns to her friends. Jesy whispers that she’s bored. Leigh-Anne says she misses her boyfriend. Jade says she would like to see winter again.

The commander calls for Jesy, Jade, Leigh-Anne and Perrie. He says they have earned their individual time. While standing on the stage, she asks for a field with lots of flowers. It seems every day she spends inside the building, she forgets some of herself. Experiencing the chirping birds and seeing the butterflies cheer her up for a bit. However, even in the building, the individual time seems to be cruel exercise to break them down.

Jesy winks at her chaperones who watch as she makes out with her boyfriend. She exaggerates her moans and puts her boyfriend’s hand under her clothing. Her chaperones jot down notes. Her boyfriend says he’ll get them into trouble. Jesy says she doesn’t care.

Back in the circular room, Perrie looks up from her tablet as she watches the chaperones leave for lunch. Perrie starts to dance. Some of the people join in the routine. Several women walk by the door and listen. A young woman calls for them to stop. They hear footsteps. Perrie sits down and reads her tablet. The chaperone steps inside and says they will be tested later in the afternoon. Perrie shuts down her tablet. She has to care and get Jesy to realize the building, no matter how limiting it is, is the best their option right now.

Director: Bradley & Pablo Year: 2019

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