Video Review: Nivea, Brian Casey & Brandon Casey “Don’t Mess With My Man”

Nivea turns on the radio at the garage. She sits in the backseat of a convertible. She and several women stand by luxury cars. Some of the young women clean the cars with rags. In a black tank top and dark wash denim miniskirt, Nivea dances with two young women. She sings in front a mirror.

She and her boyfriend, Brian Casey, play pinball.

Brian Casey and Brandon Casey wait in their truck as the young women dry their wheels. Brian checks out a young woman wiping the passenger side window. A young man pulls up his sleeve and shows off his tattoo. A second young man smiles in his car as several women touch his hair

A crowd of people gather at the Casey’s house. Brian and Brandon stand in their driveway with some friends. Nivea pulls up in the driveway and gets out the car. Nivea and Brian stand back-to-back. Nivea and several young women perform a dance routine. She smiles as Brian dances behind her.

Rating: 2/5

Nivea answers the phone inside the garage. She mouths to her friends that it’s her boyfriend and talks with him for a half hour. She picks up a rag and stands by a car, saying her boyfriend, Brian is stopping by to see her. Squealing, she says he just asked her to prom. She taps one of the young women on the shoulders and gives her instruction on wiping down the rim. She says it’s her boyfriend’s best friend’s car and it has to be perfect.

One of the young woman starts talking about her boyfriend. Nivea announces she’s going put some music on and puts on the radio. She dances in front of the cars. Some of her friends drop their rags and join her. After a half hour, Nivea fans herself and says she needs to take her lunch.

Brian Casey pulls up. She screeches “hi baby!” and gives him a hug. Some of the young women roll their eyes as they kiss. Nivea says she’s going on her second break as she holds Brian’s hand. A couple of women say hello to him and Nivea glares at them.

Some of her friends ask how Brian how he’s doing and if he can hang out later. Brian explains he’s taken and very much in love with Nivea. One of her friends tells him her boyfriend hasn’t heard from him in a while. They say they’ll see him at his party tonight. Nivea approaches them and puts her arm around Brian. She states “that I have a hot boyfriend, don’t I?” Her friends mumble “yes” and say they have to finish the last car.

Director: Nzingha Stewart Year: 2002

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