Video Review: Beyoncé “Me, Myself and I”

In a black off-the-shoulder dress, Beyoncé crawls on the living room floor.

Wearing the black off-the-shoulder dress, she walks in reverse, barefoot down the street and into the hotel. She cuts off her long hair on the living room floor and cries in the bathtub. While sitting at her vanity, she holds the scissors and wipes her makeup.

In a chartreuse dress, she packs a suitcase and kicks off her heels. As she walks down the hallway, she puts the fur shawl around her shoulders. She keys his car in the parking structure. As she sits at the table, she smokes cigar. She and her boyfriend argue. He looks up at her while she stands by the table, a pair of red, lacy panties in her hand.

Rating: 3/5

Beyoncé leans against the store window and takes a breath. She lifts up her leg and rubs her foot. Between her toes, she flicks away pieces of leaves and dirt. She glances towards the left, thinking of how many steps it would be to return back to the hotel.

She rifles through her pocket and finds a couple of dollars. With the three dollars, she asks the clerk behind the counter of the 24 hour diner for some soda to drink. She sits a picnic table and swirls the liquid with her straw. Her phone beeps. It’s a text from one of her friends. Her friend asks “how did it go?” She answers “a lot drama” and that she’s glad it’s over. She asks her friend to pick her up and mentions she’s been walking all night. Her friend asks for directions and says she’ll be right there.

In the car, she leans her arm against the window. She says she knew but didn’t want to believe he was cheating. Her friend says no one wanted to believe the worst about him. Her friend says they all gave him a chance, despite his reputation. She says it’s still bothers her that she doesn’t know who the other woman was. Her friend tells her that maybe information she may not want to learn. Beyoncé shakes her head and says she knows she did the right thing. Her friend touches her hair and tells her it’s going to be okay as she drops her off in the hotel parking lot. Beyoncé grabs her keys and walks to her car. Her friend asks if she wants to stay the night. Beyoncé says thanks but she wants to be alone.

Director: John Rencke Year: 2003

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