Video Review: Benny Blanco, Halsey & Khalid “Eastside (Version 2)”

Benny Blanco pets his dog and picks up his phone on the table. He sees that there’s a text from his manager and enters his passcode into his phone. In the texts, his manager tells him the vertical video was due for Eastside in the morning.

He searches for Khalid in his contacts and asks him if he has any ideas for the vertical. Khalid texts that he’s performing on stage and sends a turkey emoji. The turkey emoji starts to sing. A monkey emoji is also added. Khalid sends a picture. Blanco responds with “that’s crazy” and texts his friend, Lil Dicky next.

In an email to Ed Sheeran, he types that he needs help and urges him to get a real phone. He reads Lil Dicky message, which is a nude photo. His phone rings. It’s a call from his manager. Blanco declines it. He asks another of one of his friends, who suggests that Major Lazer, who just made on themselves.

Clips from the Major Lazer “Miss You” vertical video play. He responds to his manager that he’s “trying” and that he “hit my spirit guide for advice.” He jokes that they already a made a video for the song. Lil Dicky questions the second video, stating it’s doing well and sending him a picture of the Spotify link.

Blanco opens the Spotify link and looks at the millions of streams. He answers a text from his mom. His mom says that she’s proud of him. Diplo wants to know if he wants to try Ayahuasca on Saturday. Blanco tells him no but he’s willing to drink regular tea. Diplo suggests getting Ethiopian to get and having a goth night. Blanco wants to know if his mom can join them.

He receives a message from an unknown number with a picture of his dog. It states they have kidnapped his pets. It will take 1 million dollars to get them back. The meetup is at the Chateau Marmont. Calvin Harris says “producer records suck.” Murda Beetz says “stay in your lane, Benny.” He receives a picture from someone, saying “last night was insane.” He drops his phone and cracks the screen.

Reentering his passcode, he responds to his manager, who pleads “please tell me you have something.” He says he broke his phone but promises he’ll send him something. His manager sends him the praying hands emoji.

Rating: 5/5

Benny Blanco takes 1 million out of his bank account and sighs. He calls the police and lets them know he is on his way to Chateau Marmont. They tell to do not get out of the car once he has the okay. Blanco parks and waits for his phone to ring. He really hopes the dogs are okay. He looks through photos of them and grins. Once he gets them back, he’ll treat them to a steak dinner and vanilla ice cream.

The police tell him to go. He walks up with money in a duffel bag and says he has to see his pets. A person lets them out of the van. They run up to him and lick his face. He tells them they love them and says they need to go the vet just in case. The police surround the van and arrest the perpetrators.

As he feeds his dogs, he receives a message from his manager, saying he understands about the lack of a video. Blanco says it’s going to be about his dogs. He’s going to feature them. His manager tells him to send it when he’s ready.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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