Video Review: Martika “Coloured Kisses”

Martika and her boyfriend run together towards a mansion. He puts his arm around her as they walk and takes off his jacket.

She sits under the arch.

She lies in the bathtub with candy cotton coated water. Bubbles fly over her and into the garden. She and her boyfriend walk in the hunter green garden. Her boyfriend lies next to her by the bathtub. Teal lights flash on the brick wall behind her.

Wearing a red dress, she puts her fingers to her lips as she sits against a wall. He lifts her up in the forest, spinning her around. Lit in electric blue, she dances by the couch. While rose petals, he sits on the couch with her. She sits in the bathtub in the red dress.

They kiss under the arch.

Lit in violet, he touches her face. They walk together in the garden, lit in sunrise yellow. He sits with her in the vanilla colored bubble bath. The kiss as the color rotates to a citrus orange.They lie on a ruby red silk blanket, which changes to an electric blue, lavender and forest green.

They continue to lie in the bubble bath.

Rating: 2/5

Martika lights the salted caramel candle in the bedroom. She turns on the flashing neon lights and puts on her robe. In the closet, she digs out some toys and puts them on the nightstand. Walking down the stairs in bare feet, she calls out to her boyfriend in her sultry voice. Shirtless and in his underwear, he picks her up and spins her around.

As they lie in bed together, he says maybe he should see a doctor. He said it might be covered on his insurance and maybe it could help. Martika nods and puts her head on the pillow. She thinks it’s her and he has gotten tired of her. She has read the magazines and bought the lingerie. None of it has worked.

Martika puts her hand over her face as she calls the durable medical equipment company. Her boyfriend had already called but hung up once the customer service representative said she couldn’t hear what he said. She mumbles penis pumps to the rep. The customer service representative, in a neutral and cheery voice, says her insurance will cover it and they can put in the mail for her. She says that’s fine and gives them her credit card. She hangs up the phone, her face beet red.

Director: Rocky Schneck Year: 1992

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