Video Review: B*Witched “C’est La Vie”

Edele, Keavy, Lindsay and Sinead sit on the their backs in a circle, staring up at the sky in the field. They perform a routine in the patches of grass, avoiding the flowers as they jump up and down. Sinead rests her hand underneath her chin as she lies on the grass. Lindsay lies on the grass and pets her dog.

They talk to a young man sitting in his tree house. Keavy tosses some magic sprinkles up to him. Lindsay wrinkles her nose. As he stands on the grass, he smiles as they dance. The young man kisses Sinead on the cheek. They chase the young man around the field. They tie him to the tree with some rope. He screams as a bunny hops towards him. Red lips mark his face.

As he bites on a flower, they spray him with a hose. Lindsay ruffles his hair.

They roll on the grass and perform a jig. They link arms and dance together in a circle. They lie on the field in a circle again.

Rating: 2/5

Keavy says the young man is going to call her sometime tomorrow. Lindsay agrees he was nice but she likes him as a friend. They are planning to hang out later. Edele squeals and says she has to come. Lindsay says they are going to play basketball and watch some games. Edele’s stares down at the floor and says “oh.” Sinead says he’s okay. “Just okay?” Keavy says with a grin. Sinead says that he’s kind of cute. Keavy pats her on the shoulder and says she’ll find someone who likes her sometime and there are lots of guys out there.

Back at home, Sinead says a young man called for her. She goes up to her room and talks to him until dinner. Her mom wants to know who he is. She says it’s a friend of Keavy’s but Keavy likes him. Her mom says Keavy will like someone new tomorrow and to continue talking to him.

At school, the young man talks to Lindsay between classes. Keavy pauses by the bathroom and walks away in a huff. After class, Keavy confronts Lindsay. Lindsay says they like each other and it just happened. Keavy tells her he’s her property. The young man tells Keavy to back off. Keavy says don’t bother sitting with them at lunch. The young man puts his arm around Lindsay as she cries.

Director: N/A Year: 1998

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