Video Review: Jennifer Lopez, DJ Khaled & Cardi B “Dinero (Version 2)”

The cover art for “Dinero” is displayed on the Planet Hollywood sign in Las Vegas, Nevada. At night, Jennifer Lopez sits in the backseat of a convertible and dances. She rests her hand on the side door at a traffic light. As her friend continues to drive, she takes pictures on her phone.

They pass the Tom Ford store. People film her as she drives past. She sits up on the backseat of the convertible. She takes a picture of the Eiffel Tower at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel. Next to The Bellagio, “Dinero” flashes in a marquee of the Aria Resort and Casino. Her friend looks at the Dolce & Gabbana store across the street.

She raises her arms over her head as she sits up in the backseat. She taps her butt as she stands by a fence. Planet Holly displays the Guess logo. The fountains rise at The Bellagio. She points to a picture of DJ Khaled on the marquee.

Rating: 4/5

Jennifer Lopez points to The Bellagio and says she actually ended up backstage of the theater. The chorus girls thought she was a special guest. She had told them she walked into the door. Some of the chorus girls said they would get their manager. She sat at one of the vanities and waited. While she waited, she chatted with some of the dancers about itchy costumes. The manager started apologizing to her and shouted at the girls to leave her alone. She told him it was her fault. However, she ended up introducing the dancers anyhow. She invited them out with her after the show. Some of them met her at the buffet. She filled herself up with prime rib and at least three desserts.

She films her friend and tells her to smile. Her friend asks to see the picture and says she likes it. She says she’ll tag her in it and asks how she likes Las Vegas. Her friend says she loves it. She says she’s so glad she was able to come to her show. It’ll be great to have some friends out there for her tonight. She asks if she has any requests. Her friend suggests something from the “Brave” album. Lopez shakes her head and smiles, saying she’ll perform “Stay Together” just for her but she’ll probably be the only person in the audience who knows it. “#JusticeforBrave,” her friend says. Lopez smiles and jokes, saying she’s been spending a lot of time on stan Twitter. She adds that the club is up ahead and turn left. Her best friend says bartenders know every obscure drink and Lopez adds that the music’s really good. Her best friend says she’s often asked the DJ to see his set. Lopez mentions he’s been playing Latin trap mostly.

As her best friend turns into lot, Lopez waves hello the valet. She squeezes her friend’s shoulder and says she’s excited that she’s here. Her best friend directs them to the back entrance of the club. Lopez says she can’t stay out too late tonight, though. Her friend smiles, saying she’ll get her home at a decent time. Lopez laughs, asking, “so 11 pm is out of the question?” Her friend grins as she scoffs, responding with “yeah.”

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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