Video Review: Clean Bandit & Ellie Goulding “Mama”

An eight-year-old boy runs on the ground and skins his knee. He looks to his father to a response. His father turns to continues to gaze at the lake. His father throws him into the pool to teach him how to swim.

He daydreams in class and the teacher taps his desk. She pulls him by the sleeve out of his chair as his classmates laugh. He builds a wall in his family room and knocks it down. During class, he dances in the middle of the aisle.

As a teenager, he enters military school. One of his friends asks for his help as he gets bullied. He smiles and leaves. In his 20s, his father picks him up. An African-American man drives their car. Neither of them acknowledge their driver. He drinks at the bar.

Back at eight years old, he plays the piano. He watches as his father slaps the maid on the butt. As a seventysomething man, he eats fast food while he watches the election results in the bedroom. His fortysomething wife walks in front of the television and he slaps his butt as climbs on the bed. The major news networks call the election in his favor. He vomits in the corner and calls his mother on the phone.

At the White House, he stares at his hands as he sits in the Oval Office. He gives a press conference. He and his wife dance on a “Damaging Our Children Can Damage Entire  World” seal. As a child, he cries by the pool while his father yells at him.

He sits behind his wall in the family room.

Rating: 1/5

The seventysomething man puts a hand over his heart and falls to the ground. Gritting his teeth, he demands his wife’s help. His wife watches him twitch on the bedroom floor. As his body goes limp, she calls 911 and waits for the ambulance. His wife contacts her lawyer as the emergency medical technicians haul him out of the White House.

On social media, people relish the quiet from his account. Some question it, stating something is wrong. In the morning, the press secretary says the President of the United States of America has passed. The news stations run stories of his life, mentioning the thousands of scandals in passing. Parades are planned throughout the country. People light fireworks for weeks on end. In the streets, people dance and cheer. His wife takes off immediately after the funeral to live in another country.

The House of Representatives pass resolutions to shorten the political campaign and to create more seats on the Supreme Court. The Senate weakens while most of their members are led out in handcuffs. The Vice President resigns amidst reports of fraud. The House of Representatives assures America they are working towards a smooth transition. As the Senate crumbles, the House of Representatives puts safeguards in place for the upcoming election. They abolish the Electoral College.

On election night, the people of America sigh with relief as their new female President says they will return to the country to its former glory. Rights are restored and allies return to help. A fringe element of the country decries it as Communism and spread false memes on the internet. The female President rejects the conspiracy theories and listens to her intelligence in the morning, saying the fringe element are threatening a civil war. The President denounces the fringe element and urges people to not engage.

Director: Clean Bandit Year: 2019

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