Video Review: Hilary Duff “So Yesterday”

A picture is taken of Hilary Duff and her boyfriend. The picture is in a pair of sunglasses. She sits on the bench at the beach and rips up the picture. She throws the pieces into the air. The pieces turn into birds who fly to a warehouse. She stands in the warehouse, wearing a white tank top and touches her shoulder.

Through her binoculars, she sees her boyfriend take off his shirt, put on his wetsuit and grab his surfboard. While he’s surfing, she grabs his clothes on his blanket and runs off.

She performs with her band in a warehouse.

Around town, she asks a thirtysomething man to wear his t-shirt. The thirtysomething man throws some punches his muscles as he stands by a payphone. She takes a picture and laughs as she walks away. Her boyfriend returns to see his clothes are gone. She walks past a Van Gogh mural.

The sketch artists on the street draws the t-shirt. Her boyfriend checks his mail and sees the pictures of people wearing his shirt. A young woman stands by a car and she takes a picture. At the warehouse, she turns her head and a neutral colorblocked pattern forms. It swirls on the wall as she and her band sit on a couch.

She drops a box on his front porch and runs off. He opens the door and looks around. In the box, he sees his t-shirt and a picture of her wearing a black “you’re so yesterday” top.

Rating: 2/5

Hilary Duff says hello to her boyfriend in the hall and tells her friends she’ll talk to him later. She walks up to him. He mutters a “hello” and continues to talk with his friends. She tries to interject herself into the conversation but they talk over her. She puts her hand on her forehead and walks to her next class.

During class, she gets a text, asking if she wants to come over after school. She answers “yes.” He pats the seat on the couch next to him and says it’s time for the game. She sits on the couch with him, watching the basketball game. She text her friends as he cheers the score. He tips her chin and asks if she wants to make out beforeĀ  dinner. She scoffs and says she’s going home.

She finds him at the beach and takes his clothes as he surfs. His favorite shirt is in the pile and she asks people to take pictures wearing it. At school, he talks about losing his favorite shirt to his friends. He puts her arm around her while he says she gave it to him. She melts for a moment and then remembers it wasn’t her. It was another girlfriend. She says she has to go and he gives her a kiss on the cheek.

She leaves a box of his stuff on the doorstep of his house and leaves. In class, he gives her sad eyes and tells his friends he’s heartbroken. Her friends give her a high-five and say “good for you!” One of her friends says they know someone who likes her. They whisper as they wait for class to start.

Director: Chris Applebaum Year: 2003

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