Video Review: 3LW & Loon “I Do (Wanna Get Close To You)

Fish dive in the water as the sun sets. Inside the floating bar, people dance as the DJ plays. Naturi walks downstairs.

Against a black background, Kiely nods, Naturi smiles and Adrienne pushes back her hair.

Wearing black outfits, Kiely, Naturi and Adrienne perform a routine by the DJ booth. They sit at a table with Loon and his best friend. Loon points to them as he sits with two of his friends.

While he lies on the floor, Naturi steps over him. She puts her hand on his cheek as they stand close together.

They stand by Loon by the window. Fish swim by. Loon puts his arms around Kiely.

In the bedroom, Kiely changes into a striped t-shirt and leopard print micro miniskirt. Adrienne changes into a cut out dress. Naturi flexes her bra top and pants. Kiely puts a towel over herself and drops. She grabs her breasts as she moves up her tube top. Adrienne, wearing a denim tube top, fixes her ponytail. Kiely puts the towel over her.

Wearing white crop tops and pants, they perform a routine in the water with three male dancers.

They continue to float on the sea.

Rating: 2/5

Loon hands out the fake IDs to Kiely, Naturi and Adrienne. Kiely kisses Loon on the cheek and says she wants a limoncello. Naturi jumps on the floating trampoline. Adrienne and Loon split some pizza.

Kiely stumbles as she drinks her third limoncello. She tells Loon she’s in love with him. Loon glances over at his friends and takes her by the hand. Naturi tells him to back off. Kiely shrugs Naturi off, saying she can take care of herself. Naturi calls for Adrienne. Kiely slaps Naturi, telling her to go away. Adrienne rushes over and puts her arm around Niely. Naturi and Adrienne walk Kiely downstairs and place her on the bed.

At 3 a.m, Adrienne and Naturi pull Kiely up and walk onto the dock. Naturi calls her sister to pick them up. Adrienne turns Kiely’s head away. Adrienne asks Naturi if she had a chance to really do anything. Naturi shakes her head no. Adrienne says she’s not drinking again for a while. Loon’s friend kept giving her drinks and she was glad when Naturi called over. Naturi points to a diner and says she told her sister to meet them there.

Director: N/A Year: 2002

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