Video Review: Bebe Rexha “Last Hurrah”

Wearing a white dress with angel wings, Bebe Rexha stands on the street with her hand on her hips. In grainy footage, she sings to the video camera.

Wearing a red mask, she exhales smoke while she stands in dark room. She holds a cat towards her crotch. Against a red background, two women kiss. A second woman kisses a crystallized man.

Rexha walks down the street. In a scarlet red lit bathroom, she vomits glitter. She stands in a phone booth. An apartment lights up in scarlet red. She dances in a club and licks fire from her lighter. She kisses a young woman and breaks between a couple. Two women dance in cages, a red curtain behind them.

She lifts up the ends of her “It’s All Your Fault” bodysuit. A person types in a search engine: “is her butt real?” A shirtless twentysomething, wearing a large cross necklace around his neck, smokes in a bathtub. She sits in a car while two young women get arrested.

Holding a glass of champagne, she sits in the confessional and talks to the priest. She puts her arms around him. Wearing a black bodysuit and fishnets, she sits on a bed with a red neon cross behind her. She puts her hands on her red leather-clad butt. Several nuns drink as they play poker.

With ruby red glittery lips, she bites into a cherry. Against a red background with a white swirl, a neon halo hovers over her head. A third young woman writes “try me” in lipstick on a bathroom mirror. In the white dress and angel wings, she puts her foot on the ledge and touches her body.

Two young women bathe in a bathtub full of milk. She raises her arms by the mirror, which bursts into flames. In the street, she holds a fire extinguisher by a wall of fire. A young man licks an animated Rexha. One of the women crystallizes in the bathtub. She shouts as she uses the fire extinguisher.

Rating: 1/5

Bebe Rexha’s not returning to heaven. God had told her to save someone’s life. However, being back on Earth, watching people drink and smoke, reminded how little she did as a human. While alive, she stayed home and maintained a vegan diet. She took her medication every day for her asthma and hardly ever called into work. None of it mattered as a semi-truck hit her, killing her instantly.

She walks in the city and eyes the window of Lip Service. She stuffs some t-shirts and bodysuits into a purse while the teenage clerks talk. Inside a fast food restaurant, she strips off her angel wings and dress and changes into the black bodysuit. She pick pockets some money and buys some cigarettes.

While at the club, she drinks and dances. She kisses some women. A young man approaches her and tells her she won’t be allowed to back inside. She exhales smoke in his face and gives him the finger. She tells him she doesn’t care. He says she has only a few more hours and Satan will be waiting for her. She shrugs, saying she’s ok with it.

Sweat drips her body and she pauses to take a breath. She puts her hand on her chest and feels her rapid heartbeat. Shivers cover her arms and legs. Screaming, she turns her head towards the ceiling as she vaporizes at around 1 a.m.

Director: Joseph Kahn Year: 2019

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