Video Review: Why Don’t We “Hooked”

Zach and his girlfriend stand atop the Hooked Building. Chandeliers hang from the sky while Jack plays the piano in the city. He walks on the sidewalk and checks out a young woman passing by on the opposite side. A poster advertises the action film, The Final Frontier.

Daniel sits with his girlfriend on the steps of a building, They walk together to the ocean and she kisses his neck. He watches as a giant octopus rises up from the bottom of the ocean. They run.

Zach’s girlfriend plays with his tie as a helicopter flies near them. Zack jumps.

Jack watches as a version of himself sits with the young woman at a cafe.

They walk together in the street.

Josiah plays video games in his candy corn lit family room. His girlfriend slumps on the couch and whispers in his ear. They turn into animated CGI characters and become the game. He swerves as she kisses him on the cheek.

Jack talks with his girlfriend in the street and at the cafe.

Zach presses the controls of a spaceship while a robot helps him. The spaceship lifts Zach up from the street. The robot freaks out as Zach tries to fix the sparking buttons. Jack touches the young woman’s digitized face.

Daniel and his girlfriend hide behind a column. The octopus hits the spaceship and the Zach manages to destroy. Daniel sighs with relief. They both scream as a tentacle reaches for them.

Rating: 1/5

The Final Frontier remains Daniel’s only major acting credit. It was a modest hit but had gotten horrible reviews. The young woman, in the movie, became his real-life girlfriend. They had gotten some cover stories about their on-set romance. He had gotten some guest spots on some sitcoms. However, it hadn’t led to anything permanent. His girlfriend, though, had landed a supporting role on a highly anticipated show on a streaming network. He didn’t know how much longer she was going to be around.

At the convention, Zach signs every autograph and talks with every fan. He attends every major one in each city. Some he’s even added onto his list of friends on his private social media. In between conventions, he started a succesful podcast. Some of his guests offer him work, which allowed him to quit his part-time job for good.

Josiah points out an obscure flaw from the movie. Daniel says he’ll have to take another look at it. Josiah accuses him of being disloyal to the fandom. Daniel apologizes to the angry crowd. Zach mentions he watched it last night and Josiah does have a point. Zach describes the scene in detail and what happened during filming.

Daniel poses for some group pictures and excuses himself. He calls his agent and says he wants dramatic indie scripts. He’ll lose weight, wear elaborate makeup, anything as long he doesn’t have to return to a convention ever again. His agent says he’ll see what he can do.

Director: Eli Sokn Year: 2018


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