Video Review: Blessid Union of Souls “Hey Leonardo (She Likes Me For Me)”

A young man, wearing a hot pink suit, looks at himself in the mirror as he puts on his hat. The background on the television twinkles as the local female reporter discusses the breaking news. He smiles.

Blessid of Union Souls perform at a club.

He dances down the hallway of his apartment building. His thirtysomething neighbor cries at the sight of him. Women smile and wink at him at the club. One young woman gives him a hug and kiss. The bartender serves him a drink. He stares into a second young woman’s eyes.  The young woman, who gave him a hug and kisses, watches him as he checks out a third young woman in a leopard print outfit. She slaps him and he crashes through the wall. He runs into the road and saves a fourth young woman. A microphone gets shoved in his face and he sees it’s the local female reporter. She shakes out her hair. They kiss in the street.

Rating: 1/5

The local female reporter shares the best places to buy wedding dresses. She does an investigative report on wedding planner scammers. She models wedding dresses for a local charity show. Her boss tells her to push harder and squandering her promise on fluff. He tells her to take a look at the awards in her office and think about what she wants.

He holds his wife’s champagne glass at a columnist’s book launch. She was successful, pretty and kind. Her long-term ambitions to become a network news anchor waned while they dated. As she went on her honeymoon, she scoped out travel stories and chatted up the locals. She was a natural writer.

On the news, she announces she’s expecting. Back at home she rubs her belly bump and says she plans to write her romance novel while on maternity leave. He nods, saying “uh-huh.” The local hero speeches have begun to dry out. Her boss wouldn’t allow him to participate in her stories nor give him any airtime. He was going to find a halfway decent job. He hasn’t really worked in months.

During her maternity leave, she sleeps most of the time when not feeding the baby. A sentence or two has been written for her novel. She says she’s going to be a stay-at-home mom. It will be how she fulfills her lifelong dream of being a published novelist. She says with her name recognition, her novel will be accepted by several publishers.

Every day, a new rejection comes in the mail. He asks her if she can return to the station. She says she floated the idea to her boss. However, her replacement is doing better in the ratings and, she adds. has won them several notable awards. He tells her she has to find a job again. They are barely making ends meet. She says she’ll contact the news station for a follow-up story about their love and hardship. He shouts at her that  no one cares. She yells she wants a divorce. He retorts he’ll contact his lawyer tonight. The baby cries as they stomp to the other rooms.

Director: Geoff Moore Year: 1999

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